I am the actor' by yun ling cher turned into yongzheng net user

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Linkeddb News November 22& have spent Last Saturday, "I am an actor" on zhejiang satellite TV was greeted with more belligerence. Period drama Thirsty Wang hunsheng in "hail the classics." Appearance of the model subvert the previous image, wearing black-frame glasses, wearing plain, plus a flat bangs, appear particularly lovely. In this performance, jing chao's acting is as smooth as ever, expressing feelings of delicacy and bringing the audience into the play. And in the later stage of the tutor's comments, by the super present paper, fun, this can be seen by super high eq, the ability to adjust the scene atmosphere is very strong! And his heart-breaking acting, received the praise of the tutors, successfully joined Zhang Ziyi Captain ranger.

It's worth mentioning that in the trailer for the next episode of I am an actor, jing chao will play the heart-breaking drama Bubujingxin Siye in the previous hit showRuyi's Royal Love in the Palace"In his interpretation of forbearance and fortitude heavy sentiment heavy justice Yun Ling , loved by the audience, but also because of Yun Ling's tragic fate, caused netizens have said "Yun Ling Fletcher also too bad", "hope Yun Ling butcher can dull days out of the palace", but this time, "I am an actor" stage to satisfy the audience's wish, also let Yun Ling toru finally nirvana reborn from the eunuch became emperor yongzheng, grandpa four is a composed inside collect, hidden, don't want to believe and accept a person easily, if in his heart the only thing that matters is the sunrise, such an extreme characters, the super will be how to interpret? Let's look forward to "Bubujingxin" by jing chao on November 24.

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