Liren wang was encouraged by harlin to be awarded the title of' idol drama singer 'in beijing.

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Liren Wang on music creation. JPG

Liren Wang's debut full-length album was released in Beijing. JPG

Linkeddb News November 29& have spent Fumao records, which has created numerous classical songs in the Chinese music world, has been known as "high quality music" and has been launched Harlem Yu , FanFan Such singers have also been popular with listeners as music singers. Today, fumao's new recruits will be fierce Liren Wang She also went to the front stage from behind the scenes, and accumulated 52 million downloads of songs before her debut, making her the new artist NO.1 who was expected to release the film. Liren Wang, with her first full album of the same name, held a press conference in Beijing on January 28, sharing her music experience and singing on the spot. Harlem Yu, Pets Tseng Wu wenfang also formed a group of senior brothers and sisters to record VCR and send blessings for Liren Wang's new album.

Liren Wang's debut album was a smash hit Awarded as "song ji of the new generation idol drama"

The first full-length album of the same name by the female voice Liren Wang was released on November 4 and has been a huge hit. From ordinary people to singers, only lists and works are presented before our eyes, but for Liren Wang, he has accumulated many unknown setbacks and experiences. Liren Wang, who went abroad to study at the age of 11, developed the habit of writing letters and diaries to her mother. After studying music in university, these habits changed into a form. Liren Wang began to write songs as a diary to record her mood and life. And so Formosa records heard about her work. In the beginning, Liren Wang cooperated with the company as a creator. However, later in the book TheFierceWife "Producer Wang Pei Hua ", she was selected as the singer-songwriter of the theme song to the third party, completing the transformation from a songwriter to a singer. After three years of hard work, she kept writing, handing in and recording songs, then rewriting and rerecording. Only after repeated efforts did she finally present Liren Wang's first full album of the same name to everyone. This transcript also made zhang gengyu, the boss of fumao records, have full confidence in her.

Conference, Liren Wang talked about single if we meet again, can be said to be the turning point of her from the creators to the singer: "know the song I wrote for the first time was chosen to be the theme from the drama, I feel very happy, and later told me, want me to come in person to sing this song, the whole is beyond my expectations, just arrived in Beijing to the recording, but I'm a little confused situation at that time, just like that you record this song, everything was surprised, looking back now is still feel incredible!" Originally suffering from photophobia, Liren Wang has experienced the transformation from a composer to a singer from recording, album cover shooting and MV shooting to LIVE singing. Now, she is praised by the media as a new generation of "idol drama singer" : in "to the third party", "my sister is still alive", "the world of reunion", "five things about Emily"," After the rookie of the brilliant era "," Secret Forest "," MyBoy "," Story of Yanxi Palace ","The Ex - boyfriend is not human"In many popular idol dramas, you can hear her discriminating singing.

Liren Wang and chairman of Formosa records. JPG

Liren Wang and fans. JPG

Liren Wang sings live from her new album. JPG

Liren Wang's new album is released in Beijing. JPG

Super creative force into the record company "secret weapon" Harlem Yu and other groups to send blessings

At the press conference, zhang gengyu, chairman of fumao records, also came to the stage to bless Liren Wang. He laughed and called Liren Wang his "secret weapon". "our fate is very special. I first met Liren Wang on the Internet and was deeply impressed by her voice. When I went to Beijing, two different groups of friends recommended her to me. Zhang also revealed that Liren Wang is the company's public Zhi Zhou "Lucky star" : "from" to the third party "ratings exploded to Jason Zhang '" I think It was a big box office hit and everyone thought shes doing well. The most unexpected thing is that she took along her colleagues before she started her career. The assistant sister of the company was discovered by the company because she played the piano for her, and now she has become a arranger and even director of music concert. At the scene, zhang also promised that he would continue to provide Liren Wang with the best and most appropriate resources in the future, including producing albums, singing the theme song for the series, holding concerts and so on, and implementing the company's purpose of promoting music well.

Liren Wang, who is full of creativity, cut through all difficulties with her own creation before her official debut. Songs published in the past three years, from "if we meet again" to "I am still me" in the idol drama "MyBoy", have been downloaded 52 million times. This time, Liren Wang also has high requirements and persistence for her records. She has maintained her consistent level of full creation. At the same time, she has really attracted many fans who never give up. Liren Wang, who has a strong affinity, also took pictures and interacted with representatives of fans on the scene. Fans also gave meaningful gifts -- chicken shell dolls and a bunch of barley. They wished Liren Wang "a blockbuster and a big sale of her first full album".

Liren Wang's super affinity is not only shown in the eyes of fans, but also loved by everyone in private. This time came to Beijing to hold a conference, Harlem Yu, Pets Tseng, wu wenfang a crowd of "senior senior senior brothers and sisters" in order to cheer her up, specially formed a blessing group, for her to record VCR, let her surprise again and again, and the scene to ensure that he will work harder, not to disappoint everyone's expectations.

Liren Wang has been dubbed

Liren Wang showed off her solid singing and writing skills, performing her hit single "if we meet again" and the title song of her debut album "you are the answer", while her vocal performance of her first creation song "Heavy on My Soul" also let people see her strength, quite amazing.


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