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Zhi Zhou


  • Famale
  • Cancer
  • 170
  • 1985-06-30
  • China
Zhi Zhou, Chinese actress, graduated from 2001 performance class of Central Academy of Drama. In 2008, starred in An Jian directed drama "That the north wind blowing", plays Zhao Chunli. 2009, March partner Fan Wei, Sun Ning starring "Boss's happiness", as Fan Wei's little girl "Little Five" Fu Jiping. In 2010, in April he participated in the construction of the nostalgic idol drama "Snow that Gone with the Wind", playing stone jade; June partner Huang Zhizhong, starring Yang Yang war drama "new sword", as Yang Xiuqin. In 2012, October starred in the war drama "Feng Feng", plays the female No. 1 Chen autumn snow. In June 2013, partner Chen Hao co-starred in the romantic comedy film "Light Stick", which plays Yan Xiaoran; December partner Pan Yueming and Chen Jianfeng starred in the costume drama "The Scholars" and plays the role of female number one Hu Xiangxiang. In 2014, the big TV series "Killer", playing a female cold Aoxue; Subsequently, the war series "play snake", as Xiong Nan Nan. January 2015, in the emotional epic drama "Hakka", actress Yu Fengyi; April, in the urban love idol drama "Full House Happy Town", played Pomodoro; August, for the first time As the producer and starring in the TV series "Wild Lily"; December, in the youth movie "love Pascal" plays a female Lin Shan. In February 2016, she acted as a female flower in the Lunar New Year romantic comedy film "Kung Hei Fat Choi Tien Tzu Niang"; in April she acted as overbearing "female president" in the movie "My Pet is an Elephant" Song Wen; May , In a strong Beijing-style modern city theme "pawn shop" as a female No. one yellow beans, the film "Shih Tzu" as a female Shih Tzu.

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