The return of the special forces' series 3 is scheduled to be released in december.

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Linkeddb News November 30& have spent The special forces theme film series return of special forces is scheduled to be released in early December. The three films return of special forces: blood Wolf's anger, return of special forces: black poppy and return of special forces: top secret battlefield will officially land on tencent video on December 7/11/14, respectively. By the return of the special film culture industry group co., LTD., shenzhen jebsen century enjoyed pictures co., LTD., jebsen star era of film and TV culture media co., LTD., jia will culture media co., LTD., jiangsu view in culture media co., LTD., Shanghai tencent penguin movie and TV cultural communications co., LTD., huoerguos fun pictures co., LTD. Chengpeng Fu , Kenuo Ren , Zhang Jin , metaphors, Xue Jingrui ,Summer Hou 镔And other leading actors, have participated in the Huntman "And other well-known film and television works creation director Hou Jie He is the author of the original novel blood Wolf and a well-known writer of military literature Wei Xiaoyu Write the script.

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The return of the special forces film series tells the story of retired special forces "Wolf king" long wei, who gathers his surviving comrades to avenge the murder of his brother in another country and gets involved in an international crime case. Five years ago, the head of the international criminal group "black fox" bribed rattan national conditions to report to the officer sang kun, to the blood Wolf special forces troops set a trap, so that 12 special operations elite killed elsewhere. < / p > < p > the commander of the blood Wolf sub-unit "the king of wolves" dragon wei dormant for five years after the reorganization of the blood Wolf three sub-unit, far to the rattan country for comrades revenge. Meanwhile, long wei, Ma Yue With the three brothers lu dashan contact with a common goal of the new Allies - yata, and launched a joint campaign against sangkun. In the north of the country, meanwhile, Dr Hya is developing a genetic weapon specifically for the Chinese - the black poppy! Long wei et al layer upon layer through the customs, enter the laboratory, stop Dr. Hai ya and the original liquid formula. < / p > < p > this battle was a complete victory, did not expect yata suddenly turned the muzzle of the gun, pointing to the dragon, a premeditated battle plan quietly. Just as the blood Wolf team to break through the final checkpoint, "borzoi" Ma Yue's wife was kidnapped, fujiguo also took place called for the former President kun en returned to power of the demonstration, which hides behind a greater conspiracy! Long wei 3 people join hands with ya ta again, set foot on new journey...

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Recently announced the return of special forces' series of the forerunner, with super combustion and explosion winter scenes, made with the sincerity of the salute soldier, in addition to this, then exposes the return of special forces' films first film "wrath of the commando return 1: blood Wolf" main poster, the protagonists in the flames of the red blood, fearless courage, moral Chinese soldier blood cast, the soul of the determination of the motherland.

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"Return of the special forces" film series production company, with its Wolf keen sense of smell and outstanding professional degree, seize the market hot topics, has produced" Wolf Warriors Huntman, Huntman, Huntman. I am a special soldier "Series and" X IE wen dong "And so on. So far, these films have been among the best in domestic military and war-themed films, with a total of more than 45 billion hits on the Internet alone.

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The film series "return of the special forces" gathers military film and television gold medal actors, including Chengpeng Fu (as the dragon guard), one of the favorite actors of military fans, Kenuo Ren (as Ma Yue), and Zhang Jin (as lu dashan). The addition of the strength idol yu yan (as yatai) after 1995 also adds more Liang Duo points to the film.

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Military leader, film and television production team and excellent actress escort for the return of special forces' film series, with picture stories, with lines, Syria's feelings, show a good soldier and international criminal organizations, the deadly confrontation the ultimate battle of good and evil, salute "once a soldier, a lifelong mission" immortality, the soul of which is bound to cause the next movie special detonation model. This is about to explode the cold winter blood film is about to land tencent video, welcome to watch.

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