Wolf Warriors(Movie)[2015]
《Wolf Warriors》(Movie)[2015]
Wolf Warriors(Movie)[2015]

Wolf Warriors (Movie)[2015]

Area: China Mainland Language: English | 国语
Stars: Release data: 2015
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Action | War | Military

《Wolf Warriors》Episodes

Prostitution of Leng Feng repeatedly trouble, some people say he is, some people say he is legend, in an operation Leng Feng defied military orders killed terrorists, to be expelled from the team, but unexpectedly got the mystery Troops admitted to the adoption of wolves, but wanted to go from place to place to make trouble, he jumped into another abyss, cold proud of the wolf, vice captain, wiping out the ambiguous spark sexy captain with a deep heart clumsy drug lords, teammates in vain , Invaded China across the border and everything got him into trouble. Everything is testing the team's cancer Feng Leng, he did not know where to go.

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