Bai Baihe Qin Hailu Jiarong Lv Qian Wan Their acting skills are textbooks

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Bai Baihe Qin Hailu Jiarong Lv Qian Wan Their acting skills are textbooks

In addition to the value of the facial expression, artists in the entertainment industry are most important in acting skills. Its good and bad are related to whether you are a star or an actor in the minds of the public, and Bai Baihe and Qin Popular actresses such as Hailu, Jiarong Lv, and Qian Wan have their own unique charm in addition to everyone. Their acting skills can be rated as textbooks.

Bai Baihe Performance Breakout Success Ring Powder

In the recently sung TV series “ Only the side by side with you ”, Bai Baihe plays the female No. 1 Nan Qiao. Bai Baihe showed off in works such as Surgical Storm and GrowUp focusing on the growth of female workplace. To control the role of the role, the challenge of female president, once again ushered in the burst of acting, a successful circle of powder.

Qin Hailu Subversive Image Surprise Unlimited

In the same TV series “Only side by side with you”, Qin Hailu’s tranquility is a black and white female singer. When he was at the bottom of the men’s gang, he started to help the boy. The second Qin Hailu really gave us a big surprise. It overturned the previous image on the screen and transformed itself into an overbearing and noble woman.

Jiarong Lv impresses audience with popularity

In the popular drama " If life meets you ", Jiarong Lv plays the name of Jiang Zuohong. Although it is a woman in the dust, she has a high degree of dual business and she is infatuated with love. She is always at the mercy of the male and female protagonists. Popularity has soared. As an actor, Jiarong Lv always speaks with his works, impresses the audience with his characters, and dedicate many classical characters known to the audience.

Qian Wan Acknowledged Weibo Hot Search

The ancient costume masterpiece “ Three Kingdoms hidden dragon in the Yuan ” has been launched hotly. It took only 3 hours to play on the line to easily break the million. The Queen Fu Shou played by Qian Wan was also praised by all parties from the whole network. On the following day, Qian Wan made numerous posts on Weibo with solid lines of knowledge.

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