Surgical Storm(TV)[2017]
Surgical Storm(TV)[2017]
Surgical Storm(TV)[2017]

Surgical Storm(TV)[2017]

Episode: 44 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Bo Ji More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Xue Li Year: 2017
Writer: Zhu Zhu Genre: City | Emotions | Inspirational | Medical
Producer: Hong-liang Hou

《Surgical Storm》Episodes

The story originated in a medical incident that caused murder many years ago. A successful car accident victim died of an outbreak of drug allergy. Zhang ShuMei, the responsible nurse, was questioned on the mistake of using the wrong drug to cause the patient to die and was forced to leave his post. Zhang ShuMei, an 8-year-old son, was fined for detaining a 4-year-old sister home after he failed to believe the death of another patient caused by his mother's negligence. As a result, his sister was abducted by traffickers. Zhang ShuMei was accused of missing her daughter and "causing death due to medication errors" and gradually became suspicious and committed suicide. Her son's whereabouts in the outskirts of the city were still unknown & nbsp ;. Chinese-American surgeon Zhuang Shu (Dong Jin) came to Metro Renhe Hospital to trace the truth of the accident that happened to her mother Zhang ShuMei 30 years ago. The deceased daughter, Lu ChenXi (Bai Baihe) and chef Shaohua Ma, became the primary thoracic surgeon and was transferred to the emergency department because of repeated offenses to chief director Yang Fan (Yijun Liu). And Zhuang Shu repeatedly reinstated the superfluous Lu ChenXi back to the chest operating table. Day and night get along, Zhuang Shu's surgery to Lu ChenXi amazing, thoughtful consideration of the patient also let Lu ChenXi reflection, two gradual affection, eventually, Zhuang Shu recovered his sister, but also with the help of Lu Chenxi to restore the mother's accident The truth & nbsp ;.

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