Danny Dun's "Watching the Sky" Launches the End of the World Prince Opens the Fantasy of Maternity

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Produced by a number of media outlets such as Pengu Film, Tencent Pictures, and Whale Images, Min Yu , Chen Zihan , Huang Tingting , Moraynia Liu , Danny Dun and other luxury online dramas, " The Hand Covered Sky ", were officially launched recently. Broadcast. Ups and downs of the plot, beautiful and fantastic shooting style, the trailer has won the attention of countless fans once it is online.

The story of "The Hand Covering the Sky" takes place in a legendary continent supported by a phoenix skeleton. This continent has a vast territory and many countries. The surviving prince "Sugu" played by Danny Dun as a proton lives together with the big princess Sangruo played by Moraynia Liu. However, the ease and enjoyment in front of us cannot hide the hatred of the country. On the one hand, it is the enemy who has ruined his country. On the one hand, he is a lover of his own childhood, and Su Gu is in dire straits, facing a dilemma. The difficulty of the role of the challenge is evident. The inner drama is rich and delicate, and it is very much considered acting skills. As for Danny Dun, who has a double-sided singing performance, the interpretation of the Prince Sugu is brilliant. It is reported that in this online drama, Danny Dun will also sing the theme song "Acacia", telling the story of the love between Su Gu and Sang Ruo, a complaint.

The storytelling of "Watching the Sky" is rather feminist, and the plot of national enmity and hatefulness is even more compelling. Danny Dun relies on his unremitting efforts to return the love of fans. This interpretation of the role of Sugu is worth looking forward to!

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