The season's biggest tear-jerker,' bride over eight years, 'is the longest confession of romance.

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On October 17, the star relationship and the academy of motion picture arts and sciences organized a large number of netizens to watch the film in Manhattan. Bride over eight years ". After carefully watching the film, I found that this kind of pure love story is very touching, especially some netizens wrote that "there were some girls crying in the first 20 minutes" or "thank you for the tissue" or "this is a new tear-inducing film". Some people have seen the film, to the crew members.

The film is Takahisa Zeze Directed by Takeru Satoh , Tao Tsuchiya Starring, 119 minutes long. The film was nominated for multiple awards at the 41st Japan film Academy Awards. Based on the true story, it tells the story of a husband who takes care of his wife, who is suffering from a strange sickness.

Okayama county's hemp clothing is about to welcome the wedding in three months, but because of the sudden serious illness and in a coma, after the fiance shangzhi's meticulous care and treatment miracle Su Xing And lost the memory of him. The men urged him to find another life partner, but he stayed with her, and they eventually married. He had waited eight years to protect his bride.

What did the little stars think of the tearful love story?

Naughty boys:

A good movie instills a word of love from the very beginning. A man loves a woman and never gives up. A woman loves a man and perseveres in order to retrieve his memory.

The little baby:

It is said to be a true story. In the middle of the play, the young woman began to tear up and envy her. After watching the movie, I believe that maybe there is love in the world.

Sadness Po:

Today, I was very lucky to watch Bride over eight years in advance. When I finally saw the film, I knew it was based on a true story. Such a love affair is indeed enviable. The simple love between shang zhi and ma yi is simple and beautiful. Fate is always joking. Ma yi is seriously ill. Good work, guard at the hemp clothing side, the film a lot of places are very moved, when we watch TV together, hemp clothing with the television humming songs, and shangzhi to help her exercise walking, each shot is touching. The ending is also beautiful. Although ma yi can't remember the aspiration, he is touched by it and falls in love with it again. After eight long years, the two finally enter the palace of marriage.

The cat cat:

In fact, there is a lot of anticipation for Japanese films, because Japanese and Korean dramas are still very good at showing human nature. Personally, I think the screenplay is great for this movie based on a true story. The film presents the story completely and truly without too much turning over and without wasting the audience's tears. Also, have to admire Japanese makeup artist. Overall, the show should be a low-budget movie, and the cast is well chosen. The film does not need too much use of acting skills, it can truly convey the protagonist's ideas to the audience. I think the director is a person who understands life very well, let original ordinary characters have the soul of love, let me flow down the happy tears at the end of the play.


Watching" Bride over eight years ", thanks for the movie-watching opportunities provided by star relations. Telling the truth with a familiar formula can still be commendable. When you immerse in it, can not help but feel the true pure love and parents never abandon the family. Away from all the impetuous and noisy, the truth is always the most moving things. "Although I can't remember you, but it's ok, because I fell in love with you again" is enough to make people's eyes tear, not to mention that there are still eight years of video days straight to the heart. Su Xing is a miracle, silent accompany you Su Xing is a miracle...

In particular, the film is based on a true story, although the original characters are not as beautiful as Mr. ITO and Ms. Anuya, and the story was not released last year.Jun and 100 Back to the の love"The ability to cross time and space to save a loved one. However, as a true adaptation, the movie actually conquers fans with emotion, making a lot of tears, and the film's domestic box office in Japan is also considerable. The film will be released tomorrow, looking forward to its response in China.

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