Bride over eight years(Movie)[2018]
《Bride over eight years》(Movie)[2018]
Bride over eight years(Movie)[2018]

Bride over eight years (Movie)[2018]

Area: Japan Language:
Stars: Release data: Oct. 19,2018(大陆)
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Love

《Bride over eight years》Episodes

Three months before the wedding, she fell into a coma due to her illness, and doctors were not sure she would recover. Her fiance is determined to wait for her, even under the pressure of all parties still do not abandon. This passionate success has touched the hearts of all Japanese netizens. The story has not only gone viral on the Internet, but has been adapted into novels and comics. It was made into a film last year, enabling the global audience to witness the miracle of true love. As they prepare to marry, Takeru Satoh and Tao Tsuchiya are an enviable couple. However, three months before the wedding, ephedra suddenly developed a rare disease known as anti-nmda receptor encephalitis and fell into a coma. Shang zhi has not given up, is determined to wait for love silently. Years later, ma yi miraculously regained consciousness, but the memory of the sequelae, will be completely forgotten, he was hit... Can the two finally get back together?

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