I cant do without amway this indian movie that doesnt sing and dance! may you meet a teacher like that

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It's another Indian film that has received zero negative reviews since wrestling bar, dad.

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On October 10, a large number of netizens, accompanied by star relations, watched the film in advance at the academy of motion picture arts and sciences. Teacher hiccup Like sister star, the audience is full of praise for this movie.

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Directed by hiddhas p. malhotra and starring lani mukherjee, the film made its debut at the Shanghai international film festival. The film was released on the Chinese mainland on oct 12 for a total of 116 minutes.

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The film turns its attention to the education industry and tells the inspiring story of a female teacher with tourette syndrome leading the worst-performing class in the school to "turn against the wind". "This is the best way to open up between teachers and students," the film's emotional teacher-student relationship caused many viewers to choke up several times.

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Mathur naina grew up with tourette syndrome, a rare condition that causes her to make a lot of hiccup-like noises as she speaks, which is where the title "Teacher hiccup" comes from. Not only was she ridiculed from childhood by her classmates, she was also rejected by 12 schools. In the end, a principal's words, "we'll treat you like any other student," made her feel like she had never been treated as an equal and planted in her mind the dream of being a good teacher. Growing up, she eventually became a middle school teacher, but was assigned to teach the most naughty class in the school. To the students who were scoffed at by the world, nana's appearance is like a ray of light that illuminates every child's life.

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Many viewers watched the film after thumb up, and the film was full of tears and laughter. "not overly sentimental, but extremely controlled with laughter and tears", "presenting a serious topic with light comedy, the director was very strong".

Many viewers also Shared their experiences of being treated differently as students after the show. "Arrange the seats according to the grades" "divide the classes in a slow way, resources will be first allocated to the key classes", and said "the film is too realistic" "this is the reality of many campuses".

Many viewers are attracted to nana's interesting teaching methods, thinking that teaching students according to their aptitude is a really good teacher.

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Star sister thinks: whether the film tells the story way, expresses the content, or spreads the thought feeling, all deserves us to go to the cinema to see this happy and touching comedy movie which has a good reputation.

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