IpMan 4' smashed DoctorDisrange's Scott and Donnie Yen in IpMan 4!

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Scatter "DoctorStrange" Scott and Donnie Yen in "IpMan 4" fight!

Recently, British action actor Scott Adkins excitedly took photos with Donnie Yen on his social network and announced that he officially joined IpMan 4!

Scott Adkins has participated in several superhero movies and has collaborated with many action stars to shoot multiple movies. When he first appeared, he participated in the Jackie Chan movie "Flying Dragon Regeneration" and also co-starred with " Sylvester Stallone " as "The Raging Master 2" and played the "Death Maid" in the British "Mutant Special Attack: The Legend of the Werewolf". Ryan Reynolds disabilities ( Ryan Reynolds ) substitute, completed a series of difficult action scenes. In 2015, he participated in " Wolf Warriors " by Wu Jing (actor) as an old cat. In 2016, he participated in the Marvellous movie " Doctor Strange ", once again let everyone enjoy his wonderful action show!

Scott said: "I'm glad to tell you that I'm filming "IpMan 4" with Donnie Yen in China. As far back as the 1980s, I was his fan. He personally invited me to play this role, and it was directed by the action director. The legendary legend Yuen Woo-ping will guide the action show so I will not let everyone down. I think the " IpMan " movie series is a masterpiece of modern martial arts films. I am deeply honored to work with director Wilson Yip ."

Muscle-sturdy Scott is known for his ability to fight. Representatives include the Marvel hero DoctorStrange (Doctor Strange), who plays the villain Lucian. In the movie, he crippled the male god Benedict Cumberbatch ( Benedict Cumberbatch )!

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