Ip Man(Movie)[2008]
《Ip Man》(Movie)[2008]
Ip Man(Movie)[2008]

Ip Man (Movie)[2008]

Area: Hong Kong | Mainland China Language: Cantonese | Mandarin | Japan
Stars: Release data: Dec. 12,2008(大陆)
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Plot | Action | Biography | History

《Ip Man》Episodes

In the 1930s, all the martial arts capitals in China took the lead and the various factions dispatched their disciples to engage in disciplinary activities. Ye Wen learned a martial arts but a man of low profile, so there is no museum set up apprentices, only to be at home and friends closed door to learn martial arts. To Northern Shanxi led by Shan Shan Zhao martial artists, in order to famous in Foshan, then fiercely set the main hall of the faction. Jin ShanZhao to win the approval of the public in Foshan, determined to challenge Ye Wen Wenxianhuashe, and broke into leaves Ye forced Ye Wen shot. Ye Wen, shot out under the encouragement of his wife Zhang YongCheng, beat Jin ShanZhao with a skilled Wing Chun. After this battle, Foshan set off a flamboyant Wing Chun boom. Good times uncommon, the outbreak of the fall of Foshan, Ye family mansion occupied by Japanese forces, Ye Wen was forced to move with his wife and children scrapped houses. Ye Wen's family life is tough, but Ye Wen still actively faces a change from a less aggressive attitude to a coal plant as a coolie and self-reliance. When all the Chinese people worked silently, a group of Japanese troops came to make trouble, and the translator accompanying the Japanese director Zuo Teng was Li Zhao, the former Foshan patrol. The Japanese general San Po is a martial arts fool, so he rewarded white rice for inviting Chinese people to fight fields and discuss with the Japanese army in order to observe Chinese martial arts. Wu ChiLin, a friend of Ye Wen, insulted three buns in the fighting field and was killed. Ye Wen to find Wu ChiLin, to the fighting field, see Master Liao Zotten fired shots. Ye Wen then put his heart out of fighting in the field of grief, with an enemy ten, blow the Japanese. Three Po greatly appreciate Ye Wen's skill, and said he looked forward to a war with Ye Wen. Zhou QingQuan, Ye Wen's closest friend, was shattered by Jin ShanZhao, a bandit. In order to feed all the workers, there was no abandonment of the factory and evacuation, so that Ye Wen understood that every man had his mission, then left the cotton factory to teach all his workers to defend himself in Wing Chun. Jin ShanZhao struck again. A group of workers, led by Ye Wen, stood up to fight Wing Chun and Jin Shan Zhao was deafening. Sam Po sent troops to the cotton plant to capture Ye Wen and asked Ye Wen to teach the Japanese martial arts. Ye Wen refused, only willing to fight with three Po. Zuo Teng is actually ambush to ensure that the three Po wins, Ye Wen although known to have been caught in the crisis, but still Yong Po Wing Chun three Po karate, two people in the ring fierce battle. Finally, Ye Wen defeated San Pu and was shot by Zuo Teng. Luckily, Li Zhao pounced and just wound Ye Wen's shoulder. The crowds came up. Ye Wen escaped from Foshan with the help of his friend Zhou QingQuan and went to Hong Kong.

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