DaHongZha' Expo poster Liu Ye (actor) Song Seung-heon William Chan Nicholas Tse version "Air Force F4" debut

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Recently announced on August 17th, the war film " DaHongZha " created in the context of " DaHongZha " in Chongqing , today exposed an "Air Force F4" poster by Liu Ye (actor) and Song Seung-heon The "Air Force F4" composed of William Chan and Nicholas Tse's four male gods is ready to go.

The air combat male god debuted for the first time

The film "DaHongZha" tells about the continuous indiscriminate bombing of Chongqing by the Japanese invaders from February 1938 to December 1944. The citizens of Chongqing were born with optimism and strong resistance and the young Chinese pilots and the Japanese Air Force launched a desperate death. A fierce battle, the heroic story of the defending country and the blood.

The "Air Force F4" version of the first exposure of "DaHongZha" shows the air force's true nature. In the poster, Liu Ye (actor), Song Seung-heon, William Chan, Nicholas Tse, four male gods dressed in air force uniforms, handsome appearance, four People lined up on the airport runway and walked side by side. They smiled confidently and filled with a youthful justice atmosphere. The sunset behind them wrapped them like a paving piece of golden yellow suit. At the top of the poster, "The sky is the place where we die" is hidden in the cloud, meaning that they will compete with the enemy at any time. The life and death after the lift has already been left out of them. As long as there is still a hope, they will Will fight against the end, and fight to defend the homeland.

Restore history, pay tribute to heroes, unyielding, resisting death

It can be seen on the poster that behind the four people, Chongqing DaHongZha made a great contribution to the air defense during the Iraqi-16 fighter jets, and the pilot characters played by the starring performers also have the Choi Siwon type. They are the Liu Jingang who emerged during the War of Resistance. Le Yiqin, Gao Zhihang, Chen Huaimin, four air force combat heroes. Gao Zhihang is a Chinese Air Force ace pilot. He is known as the "Air Force God of War". On November 21, 1937, the Japanese army sneaked into the airport. Gao Zhihang resolutely boarded the plane to face the Japanese enemy planes, only to be shot in the country, at the age of 30. Chen Huaimin was seriously injured. When the fuel tank was on fire, he did not parachute and chose to collide with the enemy plane. In the history of world air warfare, he was the first person to collide with the enemy plane. The heroic feat also made the Japanese pilots feel guilty. In the film "DaHongZha", Liu Ye (actor) (decorated by Xue Lutou), Song Seung-heon (decorated by An Minxun / An Minhe), William Chan (Ji Cheng), Nicholas Tse (deceited by Lei Tao ) The role of the pilot is to pay tribute to these "air heroes" during the War of Resistance! Pay tribute to the civilians who have been unyielding in history! As director Xiao Feng said: "This film is a national disaster. In the long bombing, no matter the soldiers or the people, they are fighting against the enemy, fighting hard, fighting heroically, reflecting the enthusiasm and determination of death. It is also intended to convey the memory and respect of the heroes of the Air Force through the artistic representation of the film."

The film "DaHongZha" is directed by Xiao Feng, produced by Jiang Haiyan , Liu Ye (actor), Bruce Willis , Song Seung-heon, William Chan, Fan Wei , Su Ma , Che Yongli , Wu Gang , Feng Yuanzheng , Chun-Ning Chang , Starring Geng Le , Nicholas Tse, Daoming Chen , Adrien Brody , Lei Jia , Tenma Shibuya , Fan Cheung, etc. will appear in the National Cinema on August 17.

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