Liu ye (actor) wife anna thalbach by national level actor sun qiang | world classic large stage play - “jewish city” is about to be staged!

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Linkeddb News November 16& have spent Based on real history, directed by Israeli national treasure artist Joshua sobel & The writers; Israel is the most translated and rehearsed drama gem in the world; The biggest hit in Israeli history. Why do people live? Sing the greatness of human nature, the nobility and grace of life. Central China · world classic large-scale stage play -- "jewish city"

"Jewish city" stills (1984 national theatre, Berlin, Germany)

"Jewish city" stills (2008 & NBSP; Klagenfurt theatre, Austria

About the jewish city.

As the longest-running drama in Israeli history and the most rehearsed Israeli drama in the world, jewish city has been rehearsed in more than 25 countries and more than 20 languages. "The city of Judea" premiered in 1984 and was co-produced by Germany and Lithuania in 2006. It is Israel won worldwide drama culture category the most dramatic works, which include Israel David harp drama of the year awards, British drama festival is one of the most prestigious awards - the evening standard of awards, including best drama awards, London theatre critics award, Jefferson annual award for best screenplay, daily art, etc.

One of the most prestigious awards at the British theater festival - the evening standard award - named the jewish city drama of the year

On the main creation & NBSP; & have spentJoshua sopel & NBSP; Director of jewish city & NBSP;

Joshua sopel, director and screenwriter of "the jewish city," is an Israeli mentoring director and playwright, and won the 2009 Israel drama lifetime achievement award for the show. Joshua sobel says "Judea" is not about national suffering, but about the dignity and grace of life. "Jewish city" shows the audience that no matter in any predicament, everyone should learn to light up their lives with hope.

Anais Martane  Star of "jewish city" & NBSP;

"The city of Judea" stars French artist nana as "ha ya." Anna Thalbach Also is the actorLiu Ye (actor)His wife, a former professional photographer and singer, with wan xiao li, river, Zhang Wei The folk singer group Songha The band released a digital album, and this is Anna Thalbach's first performance.

Sun Qiang & have spent Star of "jewish city" & NBSP;

National theatre actor, national first-class actor. In the past 30 years, I have been exploring and creating nearly 100 artistic images in drama and film performances. More than 600 plays were performed in more than 40 cities at home and abroad. Sun Qiang just finished with the famous host Zhou Tao Co-starring in the play Love letter On a national tour, he will reprise his affectionate and candid portrayal of a Nazi officer in Love letter.

Stage plan

Besides, this drama is directed by wenhua award winner hu shuai, and choreographed by best film music winner Krishna levay of cannes film festival. Edna sobor has designed 80 films and stage plays. There are 13 touching songs, which complement the actors' superb acting skills and dazzle the audience.

/ & have spent synopsis& have spent /

"Jewish city" is based on real historical events that took place during world war ii.

Under Nazi Germany Yu Li In the jewish quarter of tawan, where a large number of jewish artists lived, even if they were to go to a concentration camp the next day, the night before they had to dress up in their most elegant clothes to play in the theater, and they fought against the shadow of the war with art and music. Kittel was the German officer who ran the place. He was cruel, cold, unsmiling and a murderer. Contrary to appearances, a music lover of art lives deep inside him.

Once he caught a jewish singer, ha ya, stealing food. So kittel ordered the jewish police chief of the district, kinkins, to organize a troupe and put on various performances. The cold quarter was filled with tender music, and the notes were like warm sunshine shining on every dark face.

In order to free more jews from the fate of the holocaust, Kingston actively organized a troupe. But it did not last long. The germans were defeated on the front line, and their superiors ordered the slaughter of all jews. A matter of life and death lies before kittel, hasya and Kingston..

May all resentments never turn to brutality, and may even the most wretched of lives sing of light!

In the letter

The big music play jewish city

Performance group: the yanghua era

Main actors: Anna Thalbach, Sun Qiang, feng xianzhen, yan nan, Emily

Venue: henan art center grand theater

Date of performance: November 17-18, 2018 & NBSP; 7:30 p.m.

Ticket price: VIP380, 280, 180, 120, 80 yuan

* children under 1.1 meters are not allowed in this performance

Wonderful play & NBSP;In poly

Ticket number: 69092200

Investment promotion cooperation tel: 69092219/92

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