Tony Chen Yufan was arrested for drugs. His exwife Bai Baihe exposed more details.

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Tony Chen Yufan was arrested for drugs. His exwife Bai Baihe exposed more details.

Chinese famous singger Tony Chen Yufan was arrested by police. Then the local Shijingshan police station confirm this news.January 26 that two illegal drug users were arrested in a residential area of the city. One of them, Chen mou (male, 43 years old, singer), was detained for drug abuse and illegal possession. Some netizens speculated that it was Tony, and then his studio denied the rumor. Then Tony posted a blog and then came to People also ask Heartbroken blog also confirmed that Tony was caught taking drugs. News exposure, really let the net friend unprepared, did not expect to be really! Remember the last time I was a hot search, my ex-wife Bai Baihe...

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Tony is a music ghost talent, Bai Baihe is also a powerful actor. They had a marriage that everyone admired. Bai Baihe, however, revealed the couple's real marital status only after travelling intimately with a man. Presumably to protect their children, no divorce has been announced. But two people deceive the public, has been the combination of Gold also attracted netizens dissatisfaction, for a time became the target of public criticism, career has been affected.

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This time Tony was caught taking drugs. Sure enough Bai Baihe also hit the headlines again. According to media reports, Bai Baihe went out with a mysterious man on 28th, and the two wrapped up and returned to the same residence at night. According to the report, Bai Baihe was very caring and attentive to Bai Baihe, and his suspected new love affair was exposed. In this regard, Bai Baihe's staff was verified by the media. The other side also denied that Bai Baihe was just a working partner.

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As for Tony's accident, Bai Baihe was also taken out for recreation by making rumors and suspected new love. "After so many years of divorce, it's normal to find a boyfriend. What's the big deal?" one user complained. ", "let go", and so on. What's more, careful netizens found that a woman who was caught taking drugs with Tony was also suspected to be in a romantic relationship with him.

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I believe everyone feels sorry and heartache for Tony's drug arrest just like xiaobian. At the same time, small make up also hope gossip stops at the wise man, pay more attention to the work, give the star a little space.

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