Tony Chen Yufan post a blog “one love” dispel drug rumors,yet the iphone mark is more doubtful.

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Tony Chen Yufan post a blog "one love" dispel drug rumors,yet the iphone mark is more doubtful.

Tony,a famous music producer. Since the his exwife Bai Baihe exposure his extramarial relationship Tony has also become a popular search engine after it was revealed that he had been travelling abroad with a man and behaved in an intimate way. Bai Baihe cheated on her and Tony was covered with green news. Tony later admitted that the couple had divorced, but kept it secret for the sake of the baby's health. For this result, the gourd people finally stopped eating.

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Recently, a netizen exposed that Tony was caught taking drugs. Netizens couldn't believe it. However, according to Henry Fong, an official of shijingshan, the public security bureau of shijingshan district received a report from the public on January 26 that two illegal drug users were arrested in a residential area of the city. One of them, Chen (male, 43 years old, singer), was detained for taking drugs and illegally possessing drugs. Netizens are in an uproar.

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According to age, gender and occupation, netizens speculated that the singer surnamed Chen who was caught taking drugs was suspected to be Tony. Angry at the rumor, the agency took the lead in issuing a statement, saying: "Mr. Tony has been focusing on music creation, and we strongly condemn those who do not carry out rumors about Mr. Tony and those who spread rumors." This action also denied the false rumors about Tony.

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Later, Tony also posted a blog, "onelove refutes rumors, so that many people rest assured? Just when everyone thought the storm was going to pass, careful netizens found that the mobile phone logo used in microblog was different from the usual one. Tony posted a hot search on his blog, as the mobile logo was once again suspected. He used to post by iphone 7+ but this message was posted by iphone. That's very strange.

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Now Tony and his studio, once again under suspicion, have not responded. The truth remains to be seen. Everyone and xiaobian together waiting for the results...

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