Masked singer will guess' “rock it together” what about a joke from tony?

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Linkeddb News November 8 The fourth episode of the third season of music mystery quiz show "masked faces will guess" will be broadcast on youku alone at 21:40 this Sunday (nov 11), while the VIP exclusive version will be launched every Wednesday. Domestic well-known fashion "hydration +" skin brand water password continued to cooperate "masked singing will guess" the third season youku network independent broadcast platform total name. On Sunday, Jam Hsiao , Feng Timothy Smooth surface, the new singing will be identity clues are confusing. While "braised lion head" suffered a surprise hit from Jam Hsiao, he will bring unexpected talent to the show this week. At the same time, Leo Ku Will he also return to the guessing game, will he provide a strong assist for the show, or will he keep his "good acting" to help keep the clues hidden? Lock youku "masked singing will guess" wonderful continued.

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& have spent "Small white rabbit" was praised by the circle of powder countless "crazy spider crazy" the scene was out of control & NBSP; & have spent

Last week, the show's two-part "mystery", "the little white rabbit", was unveiled as web celebrity Feng Timothy, an idol Angela Chang Also sent VCR encouraging: "those who are not parliament make themselves better and stronger."

And "crazy spider" Jam Hsiao, who was revealed to be almost "open book test", revealed himself in last week's show. "I really got into it in the first episode. I spoke in a falsetto voiceWu Tsing - FongSabotage, resentment and a harsh word: "don't be friends with people like Wu tsing-fong." Youku.com is also playing the screen crazy refresh "rain", with youku emergency production of "the storm version" Jam Hsiao uncovered a segment, people can not help but laugh: "rain god" as expected live up to expectations!

& have spent "Braised lion's head" by Jam Hsiao crazy about the scandal & NBSP; "Rock it together" lock Tony ?

While "crazy spider" Jam Hsiao left with regrets, his co-host, "braised lion head," was hit by the wild Revelations from Jam Hsiao. In the barrage, youku.com friends have also created barriers: "the original selling teammates will be contagious", "as expected, will become their own 'hate' people." Innocent "" braised lion head," "will this week give up the struggle and take the initiative to uncover the face like Jam Hsiao?

And the red suit of "together rock bar" this week will unlock more clues, self-disclosure is "the film does not become famous director, did not take the place of the athletes and calligraphy does not have a home fans" he will be in this week's show live swing, guess the group can "word recognition"? At the same time, the athletic he has put on a technical "reverse bow archery", this week will bring a superb dance. The more important clue was the "composite members", excluding the two wrong answers of "zeng yi" and "zeng yi" last week. Zheng Jun ", youku.com has already given fan fan and Tony on the bullet screen speculation. Can members of the jury lock their identities with the help of youku.com this week?

The ball, with a huge tennis mask on its head, is revealed to be a giant in life, boasting of being a music, comedy and health care giant. So many clues actually make the field guess team can not find a clue. But is it really a northeast singer? And who is the "mushroom" that deliberately hides its identity, performs magic and shows its hosting prowess? For more, check out this Sunday at 21:40.

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 Youku.com innovation network broadcast new play online guess assessment team while guessing interactive full score

Although none of the four new singers have been unveiled, netizens have contributed much speculation on the youku barrage. Na Ying , Wu Mochou , Kit Chan All the names appeared in the speculation of "ball", and "rock it together" was also locked in Tony, Julius Liu Fan fan, etc., interesting and playful barrage interaction has become an indispensable pleasure in watching "masked singing will guess".

As a unique broadcast platform of "masked face 3", youku is more committed to providing more comprehensive and wonderful contents for netizens. The exclusive member version of "masked singing will guess" is launched in youku every Wednesday. More unreleased exclusive clips, exclusive interviews by artists, interactive games and behind-the-scenes stories of the program will be presented to you. In addition, youku.com has set up an online quiz group, and users who watch the program through youku.com can "bump into" big shots and discuss together in the barrage. A series of interactive ways allows users to watch wonderful programs, but at the same time, more interactive experience upgrade!

Every Sunday at 21:40, the third season of "the masked singer will guess" will be broadcast exclusively on the whole network of youku.com.

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