Theory of inverse storm to hit film unparalleled importance in fistsofdragons actress

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Linkeddb News October 24 Last year" FistsofDragons "True FistsofDragons, this year's Unparalleled "Fruit Unparalleled, as a Hong Kong film in recent years the most hot two films," Unparalleled "and" FistsofDragons "with double male master set, absorbs the eyeball, two films are double booked together with many emotional joining acting veterans and become in recent years in particular job;

In these two quality films, exceptChow Yun - fat, Aaron Kwok and Donnie Yen , Andy Lau Wait for the strong "double dragon" love to kill the outside, the actress in two films Zhang Jingchu and Raquel Under the influence of two superstars, there is no loss of personal aura, which perfectly reproduces the charm of classic Hong Kong actress.

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First say "Unparalleled" Zhang Jingchu, film, Zhang Jingchu debut, wearing sunglasses block out facial expressions, aura sit in the interrogation room, strongly in a feelings, listening to her beloved man, while listening to also the emotional strength is her show incisively and vividly, with the development of the plot, Zhang Jingchu one act the role of the two Angle, it shows the "all for one person" in the play of different state, acting praise;

Zhang Jingchu's a-side is to persuade li to tell the truth, and the "ruan" who tells the details of the "painter" is li's "first love". The B side is ruan wen who lives in li qun's narration. It is the humble li qun who cannot bear the light of life. The C noodles are the xiuqing who was asked by li to change into the shape of ruan wen. D side is actually ruan wen;

The beauty of this part of the design is that you think ruan wants to be with you Wenjuan Feng For or share an identity, and the result is Zhang Jingchu inversion, scene, Chow Yun - fat is the role of "a handful of men who do not live for women", and Zhang Jingchu nguyen van hoa xiu qing, is Aaron Kwok Unparalleled true love;

"Unparalleled" in Zhang Jingchu involved love cannot extricate oneself, while "FistsofDragons" Raquel to big love touch the people's sense of honor, Raquel's debut is Donnie Yen, Andy Lau, since the rise of the role of the peak, when when the emergence of a red rose in the Hong Kong between several of the most powerful bosses, looks calm, take your time;

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At this time, the audience is far from surprised. Raquel's "rose" is the shy and innocent little girl "ah hua" who appears in the attic at the beginning of the film. What is more unexpected is that she was originally the confidant of Andy Lau's character rylo.

When Raquel's "rose" identity was revealed, the relationship between Donnie Yen and Andy Lau's characters was formally broken.

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At the end of the film, Andy Lau's determination to save his life, Donnie Yen's helplessness, and Raquel's generosity go to the death, embodied in the performance paragraphs that are short enough to count in seconds and can be completed with rich details. The roses in FistsofDragons have nothing to do with love. Once they are saved, they repay their kindness with their lives.

"Unparalleled" and "the FistsofDragons unquestionably are actors and actresses performing skill training ground, four big brother of friendship between men and natural-looking unexpectedly, while two actresses in the effect that make the finishing point, Zhang Jingchu finally disheartened, Raquel last righteously, both died, often may be old, because determined, also still finish the audience;

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"Unparalleled" and "the FistsofDragons" value, not only let the Chow Yun fat, Aaron Kwok, Donnie Yen, Andy Lau, against the wind turn, demonstration actor of self-improvement, more proof the toughness and the toughness of the Hong Kong film actor in Hong Kong. Such resilience has created a golden age for Hong Kong cinema, and left it with the possibility of renewed vigor even in the face of adversity.

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