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Star connection September 24In the field of domestic comedies in the past two years, the "happy twist" team has been outstanding, from GoodbyeMr. Loser "To" donkey's water, "to" donkey's water." Shameful iron fist ", "happy mahua's film has always been the highlight of comedy films, these elaborately carved works have more edges and corners, and the theme and conception of each work are different. In the summer of the past, happy mahua's The tennis man in xilong "Has been one of the biggest winners this holiday season, taking more than 2.544 billion yuan at the box office. Hello, Mrs. Money "" is also coming to National Day on September 30.

Li Ma, , Zhi, Wang, "GoodbyeMr.Loser" went viral

From drama stage by stage, from the sketch to movie, happy twist rapid development, as a "happy twist" queen's heroine,Li Ma,to join happy twist stage comedy team since 2005, after starring in a number of comedy, later won theShameful iron fist", "GoodbyeMr. Loser" ultra high box office, promoted to "double 1 billion movie actress", strength become happy twist ".

Besides actress Li Ma, happy twist also is very good at "outside", in 2015 sales of more than 1.4 billion film "GoodbyeMr. Loser" dark horse, happy twist has enabled new actress Zhi Wang, played by the autumn of one horn, she also therefore, much attention has been paid by the media as the national first love, Zhi, Wang's success in the GoodbyeMr. Loser "deductive, let she won the first prize in the" golden sheep eye "Macao international film festival is the most potential prize, She was nominated for best supporting actress at the 33rd popular film awards.

Vivian Sung , Raquel "The baghman in xilong" went viral

The popularity of The current film, The bu man in xilong, means both Taiwanese actressVivian Sungand The mainland's four little girls, Raquel. In recent years,Vivian Sunghas been challenging different types of roles to rip off The production OurTimes The label "Lin sincerely" in The film "The bu man in xilong" starsVivian Sungas xia zhu ren who is both cute and funny and unforgettable.Vivian Sungalso became famous all over The country for her role.

Also challenging are Raquel, the "head-swinging" masseuse and the "goofy" sister. The Salsa In addition to sexy and provocative figures, Salsa's lovely duet personality has triggered a lot of contrast-points, which are very popular among the public.Raquelis a phenomenon-level online drama Y u Z UI Shen jiawen, wife of the famous film FistsofDragons Rose and a-hua in "The nude man in xilong" went viral, andThe Salsain "The fuse man in xilong" went viral.

Happy twist "outside aid" Celina Jade It's both novel and brilliant

But The comedy craze still seems to be going, with The upcoming National Day comedyHello, Mrs. Moneyadding a new face to The star-studded lineup: last year's box office smash, Hello, Mrs. Money Wolf Warriors 2 Celina Jade, the star of "Hello, Mrs. Money," is arguably "the crowning box office success." As The fourth film of happy hemp team, "Hello, Mrs.. Money" went The same route as "The puncman in xilong", no longer only The members of happy hemp team co-acted with each other, but joined in The "foreign aid". "The tennis man in xilong" foundVivian Sungand Raquel. Find a "mixed-race face" Celina Jade, and the combination is both novel and striking.

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