Y u Z UI(TV)[2016]
Y u Z UI(TV)[2016]
Y u Z UI(TV)[2016]

Y u Z UI(TV)[2016]

Episode: 24 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Yishan Zhang Rong Chang You Wu More>> Language: Mandarin
Year: 2016
Writer: Precipitation Genre: Suspense | Crime | Drama | Criminal investigation
Producer: Yu Xin Zhang

《Y u Z UI》Episodes

Yu Zui is a mysterious crime drama jointly produced by Ai Qi Yi, Xin Li Media and Tenjin Entertainment. Zhang Yishan, Chang Rong, Wu Ta-You, Emotion Cheung, etc. are directed by Zhang Rui, Shen Rong and Zhang Shidong Starring. The play is adapted from the novel of the same title by an often-book novel, telling police student Yu Zui to enter the contradiction between life and society due to special selection, and then become a story of an undercover adventure. The first season of the series was broadcast on May 23, 2016 in Aiqi Arts and the second season was broadcast on June 12, 2016 in Aiqi Arts. The first quarter of the influential police figure Xu PingQiu (Chang Rong ornaments) to the police selection "elite", Yu Zui (Zhang Yishan ornaments) and others attended the first training and passed the examination. The second training content for no ID card, survive in Ocean City forty days. Yu Zui found An JiaLu (Jia Yu Sun) by extrapolating and found other classmates by tracing Lin YuJing (Wu Ta-You). Mouse (Wang Ge) After a chaos "missing", Yu Zui "manslaught" kidnapped Shu Biao. Yu Zui jailed to find out he was deceived, and later with funeral Fu GuoSheng (Emotion Cheung ornaments) become confidante. Yu Zui joined the Secret Service and became undercover success close to Fu GuoSheng et al. Fu GuoSheng sent Yu Zui to Zheng Chao (Du Yinwei ornaments) around. Zheng Chao used him to transport drugs when Yu Zui did not know the details. Yu Zui destroyed the signal jammer during the transaction, causing drug dealer suspicion and shooting. Yu Zui was rescued by Jiao Tao (Xiao Yu), and his survival made Zheng Chao feel uneasy. Yu Zui wants to use Zheng Guosheng Zheng Chao to remove Zheng Chao. Zheng Chao wants to remove Yu Zui from the police. In the second quarter, Zheng Chao and his men reported Yu Zui drug trafficking to the police. Yu Zui tried his best to get rid of the arrest of Jie Bing (Yujian Zhang). Zheng Chao Follow Yu Zui's Opinion For Self-Going, Yu Zui replaced Zheng Chao as criminal gang leader with the concerted efforts of Yu Zui's brothers. Yu Zui's boss made Fu GuoSheng feel suspicious. Fu GuoSheng tried his best to try Yu Zui and Yu Zui promptly notified Xu PingQiu to cancel the arrest. Yu Zui In order to gain the trust of Fu GuoSheng, Pei Yu designed to remove smuggling gangs. Lin YuJing take the initiative to apply for undercover assistance Yu Zui, Fu GuoSheng, who has been testing Lin YuJing, Yu Zui and Lin YuJing are cleverly resolved. Yu Zui forced Fu GuoSheng to refuse to trust Fu GuoSheng for himself, while Fu GuoSheng accidentally found Yu Zui's father and knew Yu Zui's police identity. Yu Zui transferred the suspect to Jiao Tao successfully. Fu GuoSheng listened to Shen JiaWen (Raquel ornaments) instructions drug trafficking again, the police arrested Fu GuoSheng to know Shen JiaWen's true identity. Yu Zui drove a speedboat into Shen JiaWen's fishing boat while chasing Shen JiaWen. When Yu Zui is about to rejoin An JiaLu know the hands of the wrong people.

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