Goodbye Mr. Loser(Movie)[2015]
《Goodbye Mr. Loser》(Movie)[2015]
Goodbye Mr. Loser(Movie)[2015]

Goodbye Mr. Loser (Movie)[2015]

Area: China Mainland Language: Mandarin
Stars: Release data: 2015
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Comedy | Love

《Goodbye Mr. Loser》Episodes

At the wedding of Qiu Ya (Zhi Wang), the first student of the student age, Xia Luo (Shen Teng), who reared soft rice after graduation, faked his money and made the most of his ugly appearance. His wife, Ma DongMei Decorated) piercing violent hammer. Chaos, Xia Luo accidentally across time and space, back to the 1997 student times classroom. He was sloppy and thought it was a highly realistic dream, so he beat Wang LaoShi and Qiu Ya and tried to jump off to wake himself up. When he was wounded he woke up from his bed, he realized that he really crossed time and space. Since there is a chance to come back, it is better toss a back. He bravely pursued Qiu Ya, taunting Yuan Hua (Zheng Yin), and rejected Ma DongMei's stalker. Later Xia Luo by virtue of "creation" Hackberry, Dou Wei et al famous song into the entertainment. His life has undergone tremendous changes, but somewhere in his heart is more and more emptiness ...

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