Dante Lam won the "Best Action Film Director" award in the United States, Eddie Peng Jay Chou Nick Cheung and other stars

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The film " OPERATION RED SEA " has a global box office breaking 3.6 billion yuan. It is a rare work of both commercial and artistic value. After being selected as the competition film of the Udonni Far East Film Festival in Italy, it won the Best of the Beijing International Film Festival. The Visual Effects Award and the Best Film Award at the Beijing University Film Festival have recently become more powerful at the Asian Film Festival in New York. Director Dante Lam has been on the stage with OPERATION RED SEA, Witnesses and Guild Wars . Commendation and affirmation of Lin’s talent and outstanding achievements, the New York Asian Film Festival was specially awarded the Da Niel A. Craft Award. The award-winning day coincides with Lin’s birthday, which is a double happiness!

Speaking of Director Lin’s award, Samuel Jamie Oliver, executive director of the Asian Film Festival in New York, said bluntly: “We feel that it is time to award him. Dante Lam is a film master and action film master. Over the past decade, he has dominated the action film market. It's Dante Lam, I don't think you can find any director similar to him, especially the amazing energy in his movie. We feel that the Western world is the time to act to recognize his film achievements, especially OPERATION RED SEA. "There have been great successes in China and the United States. We hope that he can go to the more mainstream stage and be known to more Western audiences."

"Best Action Film Director" Award, 8th China Film Directors Power List Dante Lam is expected to direct super blockbuster

Dante Lam is also a mixture of sensibility and rationality. Even though he has already experienced many battles, he can't hide his inner excitement at the moment he took the stage to receive the award. He once choked: "Because this time screening "Witness" and "Guild War", "Witness" is a drama that many people will be successful in the past. After ten years, I came with "Witness", "Guild War" and "OPERATION RED SEA". I was deeply touched. On the stage, the throat has a whimper and needs to pause for half a second.” It is commendable that once again, in the theater, I revisited the Witnesses and Guild Wars, and at the same time watched the OPERATION RED SEA with the American audience. Director Lin felt warmly. Resounding, I was greatly encouraged: "I thought that a foreign film review is familiar with this kind of drama. Who knows that they still express their sighs and there are many questions that I have not expected. For example, "Witnesses" have a section in Chunbu Street. Chasing the drama, they will say that the people next to them are very realistic, not like extras. When it comes to "OPERATION RED SEA", it is even more incredible. I always ask how it was taken. "

This trip to the United States coincides with Lin’s birthday (July 1st), but due to the tight schedule, he can only bring the best partner on the same day. He is also the producer of “OPERATION RED SEA”, Candy Leung, and a group of staff. Celebrate, "There is no time to stay and play. I have been to Los Angeles before. I have had several meetings with foreign film companies, talked about the possibility of cooperation, and discussed what the latest technology can be cited. At the same time, I showed it to me. Some new dramas that haven’t been painted yet, if you sequel, will you have a chance to try it.” In recent years, super heroes have flocked to the global market, what if they fall in the hands of “Best Action Film Director” Dante Lam? wonderful? He smiled. "In fact, we have talked about the projects of some famous movie series. Can we do it for us? This is to continue to explore, but I have been emphasizing that it is not appropriate to fully invest in the American production mode. I am interested in this subject. The problem is that we must have our elements. Our actors are not guest, we must have a play!"

It is reported that recently, by the well-known film bloggers, the top 100 Chinese directors in the power list of commercial, fairness and practicality, Dante Lam is ranked eighth, and the top ten includes Jiang Wen . Well-known directors such as Zhang Yimou , Stephen Chow , and Ang Lee .

The awards coincide with the birthday stars to send a blessing. The new film "Saved" is ready to go.

Director Lin also introduced the new film "Saved", which has been prepared for half a Hollywood production. The team includes the great players who have participated in many top-level blockbusters. "Go to Mexico to see the scene, visit the film set up by James Cameron for the Titanic , then go to the mainland, Italy, based on the winter during the shooting, is currently calculating and adjusting the production time, starting from Mexico, Depending on whether the progress of the production can keep up, then decide where to go to view the scene." In November, as the starting target, in addition to Eddie Peng , no other actors have been implemented. "The production is difficult, the time is a little floating, too early. If you decide the actors, the pace may not be able to keep up. Later, we will evaluate the actors in the country. It is natural to be able to suffer."

Director Lin is known as the 'Devil's Director'. A lot of superstars not only love to be with the 'Devil', but also respect him. This year's other heavyweight birthday gifts are Jay Chou , Eddie Peng, Nick Cheung , Choi Si- Won , Daniel Wu , Xiaoming Huang , Richie Jen , Zhang Hanyu , Jiang Du , Huang Jingyu , Yi Zhang , Luxia Jiang , Fang Yin , Wang Yutian , Wang Yanlin congratulated him through video or Weibo respectively. I am very touched. This may be more touching than the university graduation ceremony that attended my daughter earlier!" Shou Xingzi said: "In this decade, every show has been very hard, and the heroes in front of me have worked harder. I often Pushing them to the edge of desperation, walking through these days, leaving such memories in their own lives, is not easy, I hope that the team and the team will continue to challenge and fight the battlefield in the future!" His birthday wish is Every play is smooth and beautiful.

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