Jia zhangxin: the next station of legend has a beautiful singing voice

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Jia Zhang xin singing sweet.jpg

Linkeddb News October 22& have spent Last night, dragon TV launched a surprise TV show called "the voice of the Chinese dream: legend of the next station". by William Chan ,G.E.M. (singer), People also ask , Bibi Zhou , Victoria Song , Kris Wu The "legendary founder" will lead a group of quality students to duel. In the first episode of last night's show, yepgirls girls team members Jia Zhang Xin's stage performance and training tidbits aroused heated discussion among netizens.

& have spent Jia zhangxin showed up in striped jumpsuits with a fresh, short hair and even more charming dancing in the tiny "dream elevator". In singing, Jia zhangxin takes her own advantages to the extreme. Her voice is clear and sweet, and she laughs with cute full marks. She sings and dances with vigour. Despite her loss, Kris Wu was full of praise from her mentor, Kris Wu, and Victoria Song said she could see she was enjoying the stage. Later, the program released Jia zhangxin's training tidbits, its efforts to make progress, humble positive state, more than a number of netizens said that "hope there will be a resurrection ah", "hope little sister can walk the flower road".

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Jia zhangxin and jiang Dan, two other cadets at the next stop, Ya Sun Also from tianhao shengshi, Jia Zhang xin's infectious smile and nifty sweetness of the undefeated, is quite amazing among the players. If Jia zhangxin can return to the stage after the resurrection, let us wait and see!

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