Xu xinwen bibi zhou, who was named several times by kris wu, exclaimed that he was very hard.

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Linkeddb News November 19 On nov 18, legendary girl no.045 from dragon TV's "" the voice of the Chinese dream: legend of the next station" "Xu XinwenStart the "hi team" show! Song string "star fall" +" Run tiger run "Extremely has the contrast lovable, the power hundred percent!

Xu Xinwen

On the day of the show, little sisterXu Xinwenmade her first appearance in the opening show. The bright yellow and cool black suits were youthful and dynamic. Xu Xinwen's highly recognizable and explosive voice made a perfect debut for the opening show, and she was undaunted when she was chosen to Battle by her mentor. When the teacher Kris Wu When she said she wanted to see her dance, the little sister was "just", and brought her own song TV drama 1001 Arabian Nights "Love shines brightest" episode, singing her own songs of the overall sound line is more flexible, and finally defeated the opponent, back to the hot seat! mentor Bibi Zhou Straight shout: "Xu Xinwen is very hard!"

Xu Xinwen

Xu Xinwen has always been popular among netizens due to his candid and forthright personality and his outstanding singing skills. Both his singing strength and his personality charm,Xu Xinwenis a model of life (sound)!

Xu Xinwen

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