Super fire! Raquel Raymond Wong Ho-yin succeeds Simon Yam Gordon Lam as the strongest villain

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Super fire! Raquel Raymond Wong Ho-yin takes over Simon Yam Gordon Lam 's strongest villain

Next Tuesday, the sci-fi suspense " Adventure King Wei SiLi " will be completed in the first quarter of the "Split Man" and the second season "Blood Man" will be on-line, in the first quarter finale, played by Simon Yam. Both Deng Shi and Gordon Lam’s Deng Shi are all big villains. They have been punished for their eternal life ambitions. They will appear in the second season, The Blue Blood Man, Raquel, Raymond Wong Ho-. Yin will succeed Simon Yam and Gordon Lam as the strongest villains.

Simon Yam as top-rated boss

In the first season of Adventure King Wei SiLi's "Self Man", the white boss played by Simon Yam is a high-level leader of the Interpol. In fact, he used his identity to help the underworld trade in arms, from the beginning. After gradually revealing the secrets, Simon Yam made a deep impression on the deep bosses of the boss boss, means Chiu Ko, and the arrogant interpretation of his ambitions at the expense of everything.

Gordon Lam Plays Tang Dynasty

The other big villain in the play is also Deng Shi, a "pull man" played by Gordon Lam. If the white boss is a hidden villain, Deng Shi is the villain on the Ming Dynasty. In the early years, Deng Shi suffered betrayal. In order to revenge, he unexpectedly became a detached person. Afterwards, he was merciless and merciless. The only difference he treated was that Rakshasa did not know when he fell in love.

Raquel plays as a ruin but is affectionate

The two major villains in the first quarter, White House and Deng Shi, were the crowning touches in the show. After Simon Yam and Gordon Lam both went offline, in the second quarter of the Blue Blood Man, Raquel was about to succeed Gordon. Lam evil spirits on the line to play the big villain on the surface of the Ming Dynasty "clouds", this is a unwilling to live in peace and want to make a comeback, to complete the task of the female agent, in fact, like Yun Deng and Deng Shi, Bad but affectionate.

Raymond Wong Ho-yin plays Lorca hidden villain

If Raquel's cloud is a villain that attracts fire on the surface, Luoka played by Raymond Wong Ho-yin is a hidden villain. He was the "blue blooded man" who fell in an accident three hundred years ago. It is also the love of Fang Tianya ( Janeice Man ) who pursued for many years. He became a vicious careerist who wanted to rule the whole universe because of the virus. He was also the two major villains in the drama alongside Yunxiao. This time, Raquel and Raymond Wong Ho-yin succeeded Simon Yam and Gordon Lam as the best villains.

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