Co-star stephen chow dominates hong kong cinema: desperation from start to finish

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People often remember the main character of a movie vividly, but they don't pay much attention to the supporting characters. Of course, there are those who are popular with the supporting characters, including one person. Ng Man tat - . in Stephen Chow Almost all the supporting characters in the film are him. After so many years of watching, it seems that theStephen Chowfilm without Ng man-tat is not very complete, and there is always something missing.


Mr Ng man-tat's acting skills were excellent, matching Stephen Chow's style.

Stephen Chow's films are all nonsense, and everyone knows it. What is nonsensical? It is to reveal the essence of things by means of seemingly unreasonable and teasing.

This style can not be controlled by all people. Only those who have experienced hardships and have a clear understanding of many things can have this experience.


All we see is Ng man-tat's gratuitous antics in the film, but we don't know about his youthful ordeal.

Life begins with despair

Born in 1953, Ng man-tat followed his parents to Hong Kong. In 1973, when he was only 20 years old, Ng man-tat attended a Hong Kong TVB training course Chow Yun - fat and Ringo Lam, . Yes, he's very good and he's very young.


As a young man, he did not know how to face his own fame, so he fell into a deep suffering. Fame brings him money and respect, ignorance brings him depravity and despair.

Since then he has been lost in the wine and meat life, of course, and women dating, every day is very comfortable, do not want to work, and wake up looking forward to the end of the work. He was considered by many to be a basket case, and was unable to hold on to the wall until 1980, when he signed $300,000 and was ruined overnight.


& have spent His company did not want to see his reputation affect the company, so they kept him in the dark. During this time, he thought about suicide and made a career change. He fell into deep despair. But in the end he decided he wanted to be an actor, so he worked hard to improve himself until he finally had someone to turn him on.

The glorious years of life

He started working withStephen Chowin 1989, and in 1990, he was nominated for best supporting actor for "saint of the gambler". After that, the two began to work together for a long time. Ludingji "," God of Cookery ", "shaolin soccer" and so on.


It wasn't until 2004, when the two didn't work together, thatStephen Chowfell silent and a new movie came out in 2008.


During that time, the Hong Kong film industry was lit up by the pair. During this time, the cooperation between the two left us with countless classics. During this time, the pair dominated the Hong Kong film industry.

The end of a career is also despair

Since then, Ng man-tat has rarely been seen in public. He was diagnosed with diabetes in 2000, and has since changed his bad habits. In 2014, he was rumored to have died. He was diagnosed with heart failure caused by a viral infection. He has to live with a machine on his back. He has stopped smoking and drinking and lost 30 kg.


He revealed in the interview that he is now in very poor health, has made a will, the heart is only recovered by 50 percent, life is worried.


It can be said that the whole life of Ng man-tat is from the beginning of his career, the end of his career or despair. Fortunately, there are so many years of brilliant life in his career, we will always remember the classics he brought to us. Anyway, we should wish him well and hope him to recover soon.

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