Why Does Stephen Chow Keep His White Hair ? Athena Chu Told The Answer Of The Secret.

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When we talk about Stephen Chow, everyone knows he is a famous comedian. He is also one of the best director produced many successful comedy movie, known as China's Charlie Chaplin. Stephen Chow is also recognized in the entertainment industry as the originator of the unique style of Chinese nonsensical comedy. Stephen Chow ran for six years and became a household name through his own efforts.

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Stephen Chow, born in Hong Kong, graduated from the TVB artistes training course and officially entered acting at the age of 18. Stephen Chow is an ambitious and daring man, not only an actor, but also a director and businessman. After six years utility man work, his acting career has only just begun to take off, and he founded star wei co., LTD in 1989. Today, Stephen Chow has left audiences with many classics, such as a western Odyssey and The King of Comedy. Now he is one of the biggest directors in the entertainment industry, and many actors who have worked with Stephen Chow find him too harsh. In fact, due to the excessive pursuit of perfection, a shot must be shot more than a dozen times to be satisfied, and every shot must be cut many times to be satisfied! We have no doubt about his work especially in comedy.

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Since Stephen Chow's made his own film, he mademany actresses popular. In the film The King of Comedy starring Stephen Chow and Cecilia Cheung, Cecilia Cheung's build a very successful heroine. In a interview, Cecilia Cheung thanked him and said: without his help yesterday,there wouldn't me today!

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Although Stephen Chow has been called "The King of Comedy", he has portrayed himself as half a tragedy in life. Many Internet users are heartbroken, he is in the movie, but in real life he is silent! Now green young has been full of white hair!

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Most stars in the entertainment industry pay great attention to health, fitness, beauty injections to retain their young looks, especially the female star. However, Stephen Chow doesn't think so. Let time go by and let life go. In fact, Stephen Chow is not old at 56, just a bit grey compared to his peers. What some people don't understand is why Stephen Chow doesn't dye his hair. Athena Chu once solved viewers' doubts by answering only three words in an interview: fear of trouble.

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I believe that many people like us do not think that Stephen Chow is a person who is afraid of trouble.During making a movie, Stephen Chow must cut several times for every scene to be satisfied. In fact, Chow only has this unique patience for movies, out of the movie, everything else he don't care. This detail reveals star ye's dedication to his work, he almost gave his life to love his films, that's the secret he made successful movie. I don't expect him can bring us  new movies, but I just wish him could have a happy life!

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