Li Yatun "SummersDesire" full of incarnation of "Love God assists"

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The new SummersDesire , directed by Jong-jong Yu and adapted from the Xiaoxi Ming Classic IP, starring Zhang Xueying , Qin Junjie , Huang Sheng pool and Li Yatun , is being broadcast on iQiyi and Zhejiang Satellite TV Weekly Theatre. In the play, Li Yatun plays Simon, the “close-fitting steward” of Eurocé, not only taking care of him in every possible way, but also as an “emotional mentor” for his advice.

Since the launch of the new SummersDesire, the episode heat and playback volume have remained high, occupying several important positions on various lists, and the degree of attention has continued to rise. Slightly different from the original book, Simone Li Yatun is a brand new character added by the original author's writing. The earthly taste is eloquent, and sister skills are strong. Seemingly cynical, beneath it, there is a loyal, meticulous and meticulous heart. As one of Europe Chen’s right-hand assistants, there is no matter what lifelong events or events are happening. The practice of finding opportunities for matchmaking between Ou Chen (Qin Junjie) and Xi Xueying (Zhang Xueying) has also become an important element in the development of the plot. The humorous ghost Maben is deeply loved by netizens. Netizens on the Internet platform have shouted: If you like this, please give me a dozen! As the content of the episode continues to deepen, topics such as “His Children’s Educated Children” and “Love of Gods Assists” related to Li Yatun continue to ferment, causing netizens to actively discuss.

From the popular online " River God " in 2017, every play performed by Li Yatun has the strong conscience of expecting a high reputation. In addition to the hit "SummersDesire", Li Yatun will also have many excellent dramas such as "The Forensic Scavenger of Qin Ming" in the second half of 2018. More recently into the group by the Sunset , Duling Chen starred in and outside the industry much attention drama version of " Soulmate ", the play Li Yatun played for the dream to run around the rock youth apan, together with the open period of quiet life experience. The blood is clear, the youth is still there, the prelude will be opened, and the future will be waited for.

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