“two mate” successfully killed li yatun's journey to music, burning dreams of the future.

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Star relations September 3 news & NBSP;TV drama adapted from the classic IP work of the same name Soulmate "Recently in chongqing officially killed. The play is coming together Shen make , Duling Chen, , Ziqi Xiong , Li Yatun Waiting for a group of young actors to act together. Compared with the film version, this performance is to focus more on the initial social development of young people. In the complex and tangled urban life, facing the rough, heal the youth.

In addition to restoring the emotional entanglements among the three main characters, two important characters in the TV version ofSoulmateare endowed with fuller characters. In the play,Li Yatunplays a young rocker named apan who is always on the run for his dreams. He also had doubts about his dreams and future, went through hibernation and started a life experience together with Shen Yue.

Whether it's this summer's hit" SummersDesire In "forensic qin Ming 2", Simon, the most hilarious of the series, and Li Yatun, the bleakly murderous scavenger, switch between different characters. It is reported thatLi Yatunwill also have" Animal Management Bureau "And other sincerity to be broadcast, surprise to be continued.

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