Fire' reveals the "truth" version of the confrontation A Home Too Far Yang Wang's ultimate battle

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TV series " Fire " exposed A Home Too Far Yang Wang poster

"Fire" exposes the "truth" version of the confrontation poster A Home Too Far Yang Wang The ultimate battle begins

A series of forty episodes of "Fire" starring Li Xiaoping and Li Xiaoting, Li Song's screenwriter, Li Xiaozhong's original work, A Home Too Far, Dong Fangzhuo , Blackie Ko , Yang Wang, Zhang Qilun, Bai Naisu, etc. There will be a big finale tomorrow night. Since the start of the play, ratings have steadily ranked in the forefront of national TV, and the number of online discussions and topic discussions has risen in a straight line. It can be said that viewing and reputation are flying together, and social influence is extraordinary.

As the explosion drama in the first half of 2018, the TV series “Fire” stepped forward with a careful storyline. It was Zhao Pengcheng’s entry into the Fire case and launched a seven-year war. As the story continues to develop, Sun Ran, the big boss behind the scenes, has finally revealed his true colors. The nervous rhythm instantly captured the audience's attention. Today, the show officially exposed the "truth version" of the poster, the black and white clear-cut poster style conveyed the concept of positive and negative, and Zhao Pengcheng and Sun Ran's positive contest was immediately launched.

"Truth Edition" confrontation poster exposure Zhao Pengcheng finally solved in seven years

In the "truth edition" confrontation poster, the seven-year grievances between Zhao Pengcheng and Xu Kui (Sun Ran) are clear at a glance. The poster center Zhao Pengcheng was shot by Xu Kui with a gun and the gun in his hand was helpless, vividly demonstrating the tangled state of Zhao Pengcheng’s inability to escape from his fetters in the past seven years. The appearance of the poster is the black silhouette of Zhao Pengcheng and Sun Ran. They are back to each other with one evil and one evil spirit. The hostile position is very clear. Zhao Pengcheng calmly, his eyes firmly, seems to have right and wrong in the heart; Sun Ran took off his glasses and revealed fierce eyes, and the warm man's image before him. What kind of complex relationship between Sun Ran and Xu Kui is also an appetite for viewers. The positive contest between Zhao Pengcheng and Sun Ran is exactly who wins or loses. The word “truth” that clears the fog gradually seems to tell you the answer.

Sun Ran completely reveals the intent of absconding A Home Too Far Yang Wang interprets "Science Book" acting skills

In the TV series "Fire", A Home Too Far and Yang Wang are both rivals, and the scene is simmering. The most exciting scene is Zhao Pengcheng's pretending to drunkenly question Sun Ran, Zhao Peng Cheng Bubu's pressing and boldly exploring, and Sun Ran’s careful dodging and waiting for the opportunity to move forward. Textbook level performance.

Audiences who know A Home Too Far know that the justice Sergeant Zhao Pengcheng in Fire has a great contrast with the previously filthy two-headed figure in his “ Dog fight stick ” and the yin-shaking Zhao Yu in “ Soul Ferry ”. , but it did not make a jump show, all thanks to its excellent acting strength. It is reported that in order to better fit the role, A Home Too Far specially made a thin makeup during the shooting, and even deliberately painted a red line at the eyelid to highlight the entanglement of the inner character of “Zhao Pengcheng”. The performance of “Yan School” actor Yang Wang was equally shocking. Even though the audience of the dramatist knew “Sun Ran” was never a good character, it was still looked like when its true face was gradually revealed. Killing scared. Yang Wang did not design a large emotional ups and downs for Sun Ran's character in the entire play. This kind of treatment created the complexity and mystery of this character.

With the gradual renewal of his identity, Sun Ran planned to avoid the police's tracking through smuggling. Did his plan succeed? Can Zhao Pengcheng lead the Youth Action Team to successfully crack the seven-year unsolved case? All answers are tonight on Fire!

TV series “Fire” by the Ministry of Public Security Jindun Film and Television Cultural Center, Youku Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing Xinbaoyuan Film and TV Investment Co., Ltd., Horgos New Power Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., and Beijing Fengqing Mu Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Beijing Perfect Television Media Co., Ltd. and Beijing Golden days Film & TV Culture Co., Ltd. jointly produced the product. Every night at 19:30, Zhejiang Satellite TV's China Blue Theater was staged with blood. Youku and Iqiyi VIP members took a look at it at 22 o'clock every night. Non-members updated at 22 o'clock the next day.

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