she married an 8-year-old teacher and then a 6-year-old boy.

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The TV series based on anning's novel of the same nameHere to Heart"Has already fallen behind the curtain in the last few days, and the show gained high popularity when it was broadcast. All the actors and actresses in the play performed well and were praised by netizens. The male number two, zhu linlu, is played by jing chao, a handsome and thoughtful actor, and sunshine boy, who is supposed to make him quickly circle the fans. Many netizens have not only paid attention to his performance in the drama, but also found that he is also a sunshine boy in real life.False wedding car on the bridegroom"As du bingyanLittle Lin.



In a "False wedding car on the bridegroom", let the audience know the actor called Little Lin, she plays "Du Bingyan" smile to the audience left a deep impression, can be rated as the model of the classical beauty. Since then, she has also appeared in many films and television works, but the audience is more impressed by the role of "du bingyan". She became famous for the False wedding car on the bridegroom, and during her rise,Chiung YaoShe was also offered an olive branch, saying that she hoped to cooperate with her. A prerequisite for cooperation is not to be in a relationship until the contract expires.




But it just so happened thatLittle Linmet someone he liked at this timeLi XueruiTao, an acting teacher at the Shanghai drama academy, is also her senior. To pursue love, choose to give up career. SoLittle LinmarriedLi Xueruitao, eight years her senior, and they had a daughter. But the marriage broke down within a few years.


Little Lin had a marriage and a daughter before she was born, and she was six years younger. The union of the two was a typical "brother-sister relationship" and had been underappreciated. And it is said that whenLittle Linfirst faced jing chao's pursuit, she was unmoved by the hurt feelings of Little Lin. In addition to the gap between their ages, she could not believe the brother-sister relationship. In the end, jing's actions moved her. When Little Lin's mother was ill, she took good care of her.



In 2014,Little Linreceived the certificate after the self-explosion on weibo. The couple married in May. In 2017,Little Linwill give birth to a daughter, who will be her second child with her husband. After marriage,Little Linwas taken care of with great care and was very kind to Little Lin's daughter. Now their family of four is very happy.






In recent years, though,Little Linhas rarely been seen on screen. ButLittle Linhas a thriving side business, and her financial awareness began in her junior year. At that time, her family was not very rich, and she was a poor student, so she had the idea of opening a shop for her long-term plan. She runs the "spicy fish restaurant in shu", which has several chain stores, and she and her father combined sichuan and hubei flavors to create her own dishes. Today,Little Linis a low-profile millionaire woman.


Little Lin has confessed that she makes a lot of money running a restaurant every year, but if acting conflicts with business, she will not hesitate to choose the latter. "I think there will be a good source of money when the store opens and I can choose a script that is more suitable for me."


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