Little lin responds that her 8.4-carat wedding ring is fake?

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Star relationship news: recently, via super and Little Lin Qixi festival is a love body, the 8.4 carat diamond ring of Little Lin's ring finger on the third finger of his left hand is very eye-catching, which is exactly the wedding ring that was given to his beloved wife four years ago.

Last night,Little LinShared the story behind the wedding ring on the social platform. However, it was revealed that the 8.4 carat diamond was actually a fake. A diamond ring is priceless, and it is most valuable to be honest with each other since we have known each other, loved each other and kept each other. I believe that in Little Lin's mind, transcendent thought has already outweighed everything. Afterwards, via ultra also peep the screen interaction to say: "later every year send 0.1 carat, less than 100 years accumulate enough 8.4 carat real diamond! I continue to pour oil on (sour we say stealthily) ", caused the netizen to express "also too happy", "envy such love".

In another development, the Jun Wang, Directed, Xun Zhou , Wallace re-arrest -- Starring jing chao as the no. 2 ancient costume palace drama RuyisRoyalLoveinthepalace The show premiered on the evening of Aug. 20. Jing chao plays Yun Ling che, the "cold palace bodyguard" in the play. Wearing a dark blue robe, ying Jun Wu lang has a firm look, especially shining in a crowd of harem concubines, ying ying, and Wallace Huo.

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