Here to Heart(TV)[2017]
Here to Heart(TV)[2017]
Here to Heart(TV)[2017]

Here to Heart(TV)[2017]

Episode: 48 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Zhang Han Chun-Ning Chang Chao Jing More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: HuangTianRenSheYingGongZuoShi Year: 2017
Writer: Zhao Wei Na Genre: City | Romance | Business war

《Here to Heart》Episodes

"Here to Heart" tells the story of Zhan NanXian keen insight into the high-tech high-tech domestic trend of development, co-financing with classmates to create a shallow Yu, high-tech industry venture only 10% success rate case, All kinds of storms, the ultimate success of the market. Wen Nuan, resolutely quit his job as a well-known British venture capital firm, came to Asakusa and became a CEO by his own strength. It turned out that Wen Nuan and Nanxuan used to be a pair of lovers and broke up because of misunderstanding. Wen Nuan came back to help Nanxun start her own business and, on the other hand, save her love with Nanxuan. Nanchuan and Wen Nuan have not only ushered in the beautiful love after experiencing the cold bidding cases, benefiting public digging horror events and agent disputes, but also worked together to suppress the bad competition, purifying the entire industry and making the high-tech industry A more healthy environment and steady development.

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