The bitter cauliflower hot shoot huiqing xie brings you a different anne watanabe lee

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Linkeddb News November 1 Produced exclusively by Beijing a-jia film and television Hongzhou Wang , Lin Lin Li , Huiqing Xie starring Bitter cauliflower Hot shot in shandong. In the play, Huiqing Xie played Anne Watanabe Li likes and dislikes clearly, deep sense of justice, dare to love and hate. At that time, like a proud sunflower, do not bow to any dark, finally glorious sacrifice. As a classic red Anti-Japanese War drama, Hong Kong famous director People also ask The arrival of Bitter cauliflower has given the new series something different to look forward to. Since it opened at the end of August, the director People also ask said that the shooting was very smooth and he wanted to make all Chinese People have a clear understanding and understanding of the history of Anti-Japanese War through this classic drama, and realize the difficulties and difficulties of our party. Huiqing Xie also constantly studied the role during the shooting process, and had more understanding and understanding of the role of Anne Watanabe. "There are so many things that will remain in my memory forever," he said, expressing admiration for the heroes who fought so hard.

Whether it is" Red Sorghum "In the partner Xun Zhou , Zhu Yawen The pure student who acted in it, or Jagged generals "In the partnerHou Yong (actor)Fan shuping, the daughter of a war hero, or" Lets fall in love In the movie, the rebellious and curmudgeonly kang sichun and Huiqing Xie are all flexible, constantly breaking through themselves and sharpening their acting skills. She is looking forward to more and better works in the future, and the Bitter cauliflower can meet the audience as soon as possible.

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