Lets fall in love(TV)[2016]
Lets fall in love(TV)[2016]
Lets fall in love(TV)[2016]

Lets fall in love(TV)[2016]

Episode: 58 Area: China
Stars: Jingchu Zhang Xinyi Zhang Lan Qin More>> Language: Mandarin
Year: 2016
Writer: Hai Wei Shi Genre: City | Love
Producer: Wang Weiming

《Lets fall in love》Episodes

Lin XiaoXiao, a naturally born female architect, struggled hard to live by stubborn principles, stumbled in her career and marriage, unemployment after getting unemployed, caring for mothers and posterity posters. Cai ChunNi, a married man, and Pan ZhiZhi, a successful buddy who grew up together with Lin XiaoXiao, could not understand each other. However, Lin XiaoXiao managed to maintain "impregnable" Friendship. The meeting with famous architect Shi Guang made Lin XiaoXiao's life change tremendously. His career and love blossomed. Shi Guang was deeply attracted by the unique charm of Lin XiaoXiao. However, Shi Guang's past, girlfriend Pan ZhiZhi Shi Guang's fanatical pursuit, the second marriage woman's inferiority and her child's opposition allowed Lin XiaoXiao to only discourage Shi Guang's feelings. Pan ZhiZhi, the boss of a city interior design company, is clever and pretty, economically independent and has no chance of everlasting love. She focuses her eyes firmly on Shi Guang, a talented architect who ignores the longstanding true love around her. Cai ChunNi, a married and wealthy man behind the scenes, has to endure the difficulties of her mother-in-law and her stepdaughter's resentment behind the scenery. With the advent of her first love Huang ShaoGu, Cai's family, marriage, friendship It is therefore facing a major test. Three women trying to find a new life, respectively, ushered in an emotional challenge & nbsp ;.

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