Give up 10 million annual salary into the entertainment industry, but has been lukewarm fire, was called to save the scene but unexpectedly popular

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Give up ten million annual salary into the entertainment industry, but has been lukewarm fire, was called to save the field is unexpectedly popular

To say actor this profession, also be a very pleasing profession. In addition to the experience of different lives, the popularity will be praised by the masses. There are many stars who choose this career out of necessity because of the high salary. Of course, there are also those who regard being an actor as their dream, regardless of the salary, which includes Kai Tan .

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I don't know who Kai Tan is right now. Speaking of his works and his characters, you must be familiar with them all. For example, "guan peng", "and" in struggle" Hugo Myth also stars as the hero of the western chu dynasty who is brave and passionate as myth Tiffany Tang Star of" YouAreMySunshine "As male number two" ying hui "and so on.

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Estimate who all don't know, this have appearance level to have acting of the actor of the actual strength send, be a monk halfway. Kai Tan was born into a family of craftsmen and carpenters. He had a talent for color composition since childhood. At the age of 20, he was admitted to the department of dance art of the central academy of drama. After graduation from university, I worked in Beijing youth daily as an advertisement designer. However, when he was in college, he helped his classmates in the acting department to take part in the drama. He was deeply attracted by his career as an actor and was obsessed with it. Kai Tan, 30, did not want to give up his 10 million yuan annual salary of the job, "bitter cauliflower", officially entered the entertainment industry.

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Kai Tan is not a class background, the age is not small, the difficulties are imaginable. However, Tsui Hark's awe-inspiring and down-to-earth attitude is still favored by director Tsui Hark. He starred in Tsui Hark's "seven swords under the sky," which drew attention from viewers. Although there have been good works presented, but has been tepid, he has not been impatient to hold on to his dream.

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Efforts paid off. In 2010, Kai Tan played the role of xiang yu, the overlord of the western chu dynasty, in myth, which was so penetrating that it won great popularity among the audience and became a household name overnight. It is said that at that time, there was no suitable actor for the role of xiang yu in myth. He was called by Hugo, a good friend, to save the scene, but unexpectedly he became a big hit unexpectedly. Of course, this is not only an opportunity, but also eight years of experience in the entertainment industry.

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Kai Tan, 46, is still a diligent actor in the entertainment industry, and I look forward to seeing more of his good works. I wonder if you like him too.

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