You Are My Sunshine(Movie)[2015]
《You Are My Sunshine》(Movie)[2015]
You Are My Sunshine(Movie)[2015]

You Are My Sunshine (Movie)[2015]

Area: China Mainland Language: Mandarin
Stars: Release data: 2015
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Love

《You Are My Sunshine》Episodes

Zhao MoSheng is back home. Seven years later, she is still back. In seven years, his first love, He Yi Chen, has changed from a great genius of former law to a well-known big lawyer today. Zhao MoSheng thought that this life would not have another intersection with He YiChen, but did not expect the boundless crowd, the two actually unexpectedly meet again. At university, as a great genius of He YiChen, surrounded by innumerable girls, she was eventually touched by innocent Zhao MoSheng. Zhao MoSheng concealed the identity of the mayor's daughter from He YiChen. He YiChen after he got the truth was hit hard and chose to leave Zhao MoSheng. Zhao MoSheng lost heart and listened to his father's arrangement to study in the United States. After the reunion of Zhao MoSheng and He YiChen, they found they still loved each other deeply. Zhao MoSheng told He YiChen she was married in the United States at this time, and had just divorced. He YiChen was in pain but with endless love for Zhao MoSheng and eventually decided to marry Zhao MoSheng. The emergence of Zhao MoSheng's former husband, Ying Hui, solved the truth of Zhao MoSheng's marriage and also made the two misunderstandings resolved. However, the presence of stepmother Zhao MoSheng and the grumbling between Zhao MoSheng's father and He YiChen's father completely surfaced. This has also become the biggest test of He YiChen Zhao MoSheng and their love will eventually go from here.

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