“Jones” Conference Jiang Chao “Passive eating shit” super-sadistic heart

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On the afternoon of November 2, Hunan Satellite TV "Jones" held a news release conference in Guangzhou. All guests including Yang Shuo , Jiang Chao , Yi Sha , John Wayne and Viann were all on display . Jiang Chao at the conference frankly admitted in the program "to recover the piece of effort that year", the game is also very interactive part of the game, to make the audience laughter constantly.

"Raiders" Jiang Chao et al collective photo

Jiang Chao "Jones" presentation conference site

Jiang Chao

"Almost gentleman" Jiang Chao barracks life harvest growth transformation

Hunan Satellite TV, a large original dog companion inspirational growth special program, "Jones" has been much anticipated since the official declaration, especially with its own value, popular dog dogger Jiang Chao, posters video once released, the fans will be full Seize the hot comment "call Jiang Chao." When introduced at the press conference, Jiang Chao delivered the handset to Viann "Lady First", and the gentleman was very warmhearted.

During the press conference, Jiang Chao directly passed this program "to find out what kind of hard work she was in that year" and also admitting that she is sometimes "almost" a gentleman, but in the program whether it is the face of high-intensity military training , Or do the task with the police dog, all seem to be back to the high school period. And rely on this unit "Jiang Jin Jiang" overcome his fear of things, together with his comrades harvested growth transformation.

Jiang Chao handsome photo

Jiang Chao in Hunan Satellite TV "Jones" presentation conference

Interactive warm-up provoke the scene Comedy Jiang Chao "Passive eating shit" super sadistic heart

In the military version of the "heart-wielding" game session, John Wayne dance idioms display content, Jiang Chao, Yang Shuo and others guess words. Faced with the word "quick save heart pill", John Wayne said: "The strength of training, Jiang Chao often eat that", Jiang Chao is more dumbfounding rapid response, it appears that Jiang Chao is in the "life" to participate in variety. When John Wayne knelt on his knees to demonstrate the face of the instructor's "five cast", Jiang Chao blurted out "knees to beg for mercy" is making live laughter.

It is reported that the newly promoted dog training team member Jiang Chao in the program selling Meng Meng funny, entering the barracks self-introduction on the state of love provoked laughter, cleaning the kennel is "passive eating shit", and police dog get along in the process of counseling And 犟 the "proud child" state is also people can not help but laugh. On November 3 tonight 20:20, Hunan Satellite TV "Jones" is about to premiere, in the run-in period Jiang Chao face the dual challenges of life and attitude will be how to deal with? Looking forward to Jiang Chao and silent comrades change.

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