Keke Wang Tao Liu Play)


Tao Liu

Liu Tao (Chinese: 刘涛, born 12 July 1978) is a Chinese actress from Jiangnan. She is known for her roles in Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2003), Mazu (2012), To Elderly With Love (2013), Nirvana in Fire (2015), Legend of Mi Yue (2015), Ode to Joy (2016) and The Advisors Alliance (2017).

Xiaojun Li Ray Ma Play)


Ray Ma

Ma Tianyu (Chinese: 马天宇; pinyin: Ma Tiānyǔ, born 12 July 1981), also known as Ray Ma, is a Chinese Mandopop artist and actor. He graduated from the Beijing Film Academy.

Dacheng Cheng David Wang Play)


David Wang

David Wang (David Wang) was born in Taiwan on July 15, 1974. He is a native of Shandong, an actor from Taiwan, and a bachelor of Visual Communication from Fu Jen Catholic University. In 1995, he starred in the drama “The Crystal Flower” and in 1998 starred in the drama “Sunflower; heronsbill”. In 2008, he appeared in the drama "Life and Lives of Gorgeous Office Workers." In 2010, he staged the drama "Great Destiny of Destiny Architects". In 2011, he appeared in the drama "Matchmaker's Wishful World in the West". This laid the foundation for David Wang's position in the drama industry in Taiwan. The advertising golden sentence “Be busy again, but also want to have coffee with you” is David Wang's advertising representative. He started to develop in Mainland China in 2011 and won the Best Supporting Actor Award for the 100 Flowers Award for the first film in the Mainland, Lovelorn 33 days. In 2012, he starred in the Mainland's first TV series “Floating” and won the Best Supporting Actor nomination for the Hua Ding Award. In 2013, he starred in the TV drama "Difficult for Children" and was selected as the most popular actor in the 19th Shanghai Film Festival Yu Bailan Award. In the same year, he became the best actor for the Macau International Television Festival due to the rising popularity of Brook Taylor in the TV series “Little dad”. In the medical industry drama “Osstetrician” for the first time in 2014, he played as the mainland TV drama man and played the returning chief physician Xiao Cheng. In 2014, she starred in urban junior comedy "Parents" and spy drama "Graduation song". In 2015, he starred in the drama "I'm Du LaLa" of the marriage emotion drama "Amoy wedding record" and "GoLalaGo!" series, and the urban emotional drama "Mr. Good". On May 21, 2016, the 19th China Tripod Awards China Top 100 TV Drama Satisfaction Survey Announced the completion of the ceremony and won the national audience's favorite movie and television star. July 28 starred in urban emotional drama "fight with women." On December 15th, David Wang won the 7th Macau International Television Festival Golden Lotus Best Supporting Actor Award for "Probation jade".

Guo Guo Jiarong Lü Play)


Jiarong Lü

Jiarong Lv, born on July 5, 1988 in Shandong, China Mainland actress. In 2009, she participated in the first TV series "Dai Yu", the same year in the court fighting drama "Beauty" in the actress Lu Yuan princess; 2011, starring in court drama "Tang Palace beauty world"; In 2013, in the costume martial arts drama " Rivers and lakes "in the corner of the blue Phoenix; June 2014, starred in the history of spy drama" Red Arrow. " In 2015, she acted as Yin Mingzhu in the Republic of China drama "Fairy Tale Gorgeous Adventure"; in 2016, she starred in the urban emotional drama "Come and Happiness";


Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Ling Ma Meiqin Li No introduction
Ling Ma Mu Li 黎小俊单亲母亲,医院护士长提前退休,黎小俊是黎母在医院捡到的早产儿,为此黎母终身未嫁,黎母费心费力的一个人把儿子带大。虽然和王可可之间有过各种矛盾,但当外界出现损伤小夫妻感情的任何苗头时,黎母都会是第一个挺身而出的人。
Rossi Qian Sun 保险公司业务员,中国传统女性特征,顾家但爱面子,任劳任怨,不求荣华富贵,但求一世平安,但老公张实在却是个烂泥扶不上墙的人,婆婆和老公的小农意识,小叔子张建建的现实主义,让孙倩透不过气,孩子被发现自闭症后,孙倩反思自己的婚姻之路,决定离开张家,让张实在反省,也给自己一个独立发展的空间。
Zhigang Cui Fu Wang No introduction
Mao Li Jianjian Zhang No introduction
Fu Rong Fiona Tao Pu No introduction
Yu Jieqi Shizai Zhang No introduction
Feng Ruirui Yi Yi No introduction
Chrngyang Zhang Yuehan Li No introduction
Meixing Chen Meihua Jiang No introduction
Amanda Meifeng Li No introduction
Fu Yi Dajie Lin No introduction

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