Secluded path(TV)[2018]
Secluded path(TV)[2018]

《Secluded path》Episodes

The drama series "you ling dao" plot introduction: told the game idiot huang yi, because discover "you ling dao" in the game, appeared the lotus won pattern related to his own life, vow to pass through the customs game, solve the life mystery. However, in the game of crisis, huang yi not only to the tang dynasty to explore the mausoleum, to explore everywhere monuments, to help wu zetian foil li dedicated to the conspiracy; Also need to adapt to each level of different game mechanism, or brain reasoning, or hidden identity, or mutual deception........ Facing multiple challenges of intellectual and human nature.

At this point, the game outside the world, is brewing a bigger crisis. With the deepening of the game world, the history of encryption, gradually revealed its shape. Originally, in the early tang period of real history behind, there is a secret of how to control the world's people. However, who created the "secluded path" and why?

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