Desire to live(TV)[2018]
Desire to live(TV)[2018]

《Desire to live》Episodes

TV drama "longing for life" tells the story of his wife, Qiao Na, who beats off their children in pursuit of her dreams. Jiang NianHua suffered a lot from this. After his divorce, he fought hard and finally got rich, but unfortunately suffered from depression. When he decided to give up his life, he met Lin Li, a smart and kind young professional woman. Not long after meeting Jiang NianHua, Lin Li and her "" boyfriend" "Wang Yang suffered an emotional crisis. They are in the same company, and because of the increasing conflicts at work, they often start a "fight" mode. Like all young lovers, they argue with each other after a single word. Finally, Lin Li felt unable to stay together with Wang Yang, feeling depressed and despondent, and planned to resign. Jiang NianHua encouraged her to be a better self. Lin Li finally became the person she wanted to be because of Jiang NianHua. Jiang NianHua has completely walked out of the gloom of anxiety and depression and rekindled his passion for life with Lin Li. The two of them are each other's fire of life, lit up, healed, lit up each other's life.

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