Great chinese medicine(TV)[2018]
Great chinese medicine(TV)[2018]

《Great chinese medicine》Episodes

The TV series "big Chinese medicine" tells the story of the late southern song dynasty, suizhou city and the common people in the chaos in the security of the opportunity to join the army. When experiencing the battlefield, I felt the cruelty of the war, the fragility of life, and the great kindness of military medical officers and doctors. After being taught by famous doctors such as Chen ziming, luo tianyi, and li zhichang, the Taoist master, etc., he added his own talent and became a god doctor. Ping 'an keeps in mind the benevolence of doctors, the hardship of reputation practice, and the wind and rain practice. He comprehends and practices the Ming motto of traditional Chinese medicine in the huangdi neijing (inner Canon of the yellow emperor) : "heal the sick, heal the people, and heal the country". Ping an after their family history and exonerations, with superb medical skills to save people in water and fire, the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine to sow kyushu. Travel to the motherland, explore the folk traditional Chinese medicine recipe, everbright Chinese medicine in the world. In his later years, he traveled overseas for the rest of his time to continue to inherit the treasures of traditional Chinese medicine, the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine, the philosophy of Chinese culture and the soul of Chinese people & NBSP; .

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