Flower blooming summer(TV)[2019]
Flower blooming summer(TV)[2019]

《Flower blooming summer》Episodes

The TV series "Summer of Blossoming Flowers" introduces the story: it tells the pure love story of Fang Ke and Nan Xuan from "uniform to wedding dress". The male star writers Mo Jun and Jin Haosen cooperated for the first time in cross-border cooperation. They customized the characters in the book, and the half-year network selection campaign was so hot that they finally presented a youthful paper movie. Fang Ke encounters Wei NanXuan, who has been searching for many years, and recalls the memory of youth twelve years ago. Fang Ke came to Xiayi Middle School and sat at the same table with Wei NanXuan. Fang Ke's indifference made Wei NanXuan far away, but Fang Ke didn't hate Wei NanXuan, but he really liked the taste of Wei NanXuan's tail flower. . At this time, Fang Ke's younger brother Fang Qian became the most solid reliance of Wei NanXuan, and Fang Qian also silently regarded Wei NanXuan as the object of confiding. A big fire changed everything. Wei NanXuan was trapped in the fire, Fang Qian gave his life to help Fang Ke save Wei NanXuan, and Fang Ke was also admitted to hospital. After the two left Xiaqi Middle School, Wei NanXuan came to Mingcheng to open a flower shop. Fang Ke was sent to France for treatment and completed his studies due to severe heart and lung damage. After twelve years, fate once again arranged the two together. Wei NanXuan accidentally discovered that his family's misfortune had a direct relationship with the Fang Ke family. Fang Ke vowed to uncover the truth. In the face of the truth, Wei NanXuan can't forgive Fang Jia, Fang Ke is more tormented by love, but Fang Ke is determined not to leave Wei NanXuan again.

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