Lin XiangYu Chen Xiao Play)

A member of 330 dormitory at Shanghai University, "Cheeky Prince" - Lin Xiang Yu, one day in the bookstore love at first sight, "Sipa Goddess", and then brother in the "about it" to hold the face part to find goddess.

Chen Xiao

Chen Xiao (Chinese: 陈晓, born 5 July 1987) is a Chinese television and film actor and model. He is best known for his roles in Swordsman (2013), Legend of Lu Zhen (2013), The Romance of the Condor Heroes (2014) and Nothing Gold Can Stay (2017).

Li DaPeng Calvin Tu Play)

Hudao University, a 330 dormitory, "stay Meng Mobi" - Li DaPeng, returnees "rich second generation", depending on their own love pet alpaca as a pearl. Like freedom, always make something dumbfounding, he erupted a new realm.

Calvin Tu

Calvin Tu (Calvin Tu), born October 18, 1993 in Taipei, Taiwan, graduated from the University of Toronto, Canadian Chinese, actor in Taiwan. In 2012, Calvin Tu debuted at the corner of Taiwanese TV producer Chai Chih-ping, director of young writer GJM's "Little Time" series, "Wei Hai." January 2015, to participate in the variety show "wonderful friend" recording. In July 2015, he participated in the director's campus youth movie "gardenia flowers", in the play as "health" corner. In 2016 the movie "Sleeping on my Puppy" was released on April 1; Spring Festival starred in the youth suspense love movie "summer portrait of 19 years old."

Guan Chao Wayne Play)

Guan Chao, "Millennium Male", very good academic performance, Guan Chao animals and beasts, IQ high emotional intelligence is very low, like the school Xia Xianshen courage Confession.


Ruilin Liu, born in Beijing on October 6, 1990, graduated from Beijing Film Academy with a bachelor's degree in performance 09 and a film and television actor in mainland China. In 2011, signed orange days entertainment and formally began acting career. In 2014, due to starred in the city emotional drama "I love male girlfriends," attention. In 2015, with inspirational comedy movie "Get out! Cancer Jun "won the 16th China Film Academy Award newcomer award; the same year, he also participated in the youth suspense movie" I am a witness. " In 2016, in addition to starring youth campus network drama "Sleeping on my bunk brother"; its starring youth movie "remember the juvenile song" and modern comedy "grandfather age 38" have also been released. In 2017, he starred in the costume romance drama "Agni" and the post-urban emotional drama "While We Are Young", the same year he starred in the fantasy drama "San Sheng Shi Shi Li Peach Blossom".

Xie Xun Xian Li Play)

Huxidu 330 dormitory, "Loyalty loyalty macho" - Xie Xun, warm man "cannon child", fighting the most powerful, although born poor, but people special loyalty, the beloved girlfriend Gao BaoJing has been flirting In the play, he is a super bright spot in his bad teenager.

Xian Li

Li Xian, born in Jingzhou City, Hubei Province on October 19, 1991, is an actor in the Mainland of China and graduated from 2010 Performance Level of Beijing Film Academy. In 2011, starred in the personal first film "Wanjianhunxin", which officially entered the showbiz. In 2012, starring young love movie "first love is not full." In 2013, starring green environmental love comedy movie "China good groom", plays Fang Zhibin in the play. In 2014, starred in Youku produced to create the first original urban fantasy drama "Wonderful Century" second episode "the longest 25 meters." In 2015, she acted as a thank-you teacher in the youth campus online drama "The Brothers Sleeping on Me". April 1, 2016, starring in his youth love movie "Sleeping in my shop on the brothers" release; the same year, in the suspense criminal investigation network drama "Forensic Qin Ming" as Lin Tao. In 2017, Guo Deyou played a small "river god" in the super-network drama "River God"; in the same year, he played Marshal Luo Ronghuan in the movie "The Great Cause of Army Building"; played Chang Jianxiong in the drama "The Trees in the South". "


Actor Name Play Role Introduction
You Wu Xia XingChen Shanghai University "school flowers, entered the campus became the boys admired the object, but she has been crush on Lin XiangYu, Xia XingChen Lin XiangYu courageous show of love and take the initiative to kiss, and eventually the two became the most enviable campus Of the high-value couple, regardless of walking, go to the library or class all the time not greasy together.
Lyric Lan Gao BaoJing Shanghai University "one of the four goddesses, Gao BaoJing, in the" love and bread, "the two options, to the audience on a spectacular love Lecture on the rich second-generation suitors to give a new life Longing for the attachment of feelings of fifteen years of attachment.
(None) Jennifer Baby No introduction
Chao Liang Gao Chao No introduction
Xiaokun Wang Hou Zi No introduction
Xueming Jiang Song Zihao (yellow hair) No introduction
(None) Wu Ge No introduction
Liu Ran Yue BaLaoBan No introduction
Wang Yi Lin XiangYuTongXue No introduction
(None) Huang MaoGenBan No introduction
(None) Ci QingShi No introduction
(None) Guan ChaoYiMa No introduction
(None) Zhu Bian No introduction
Kanwei Wang Da PengBaBa No introduction
Yan Jing-Yao Da PengMaMa No introduction
(None) Baby Daddy No introduction
(None) Baby Mom No introduction
Jie Zhou Xia XingChenBaBa No introduction
(None) Xia XingChenMaMa No introduction
(None) Men Tong No introduction
(None) Chu ZhongSheng No introduction
(None) Chu ZhongShengMaMa No introduction
(None) Shao KaoTanZhu No introduction
(None) Shao KaoTanHuoJi No introduction
(None) Ying XinHuiNanSheng No introduction
(None) Ying XinHuiNvSheng No introduction
(None) Yi Sheng No introduction
(None) Nan Mo No introduction
(None) Xi TouMei No introduction
(None) Lao WuQiZi No introduction
(None) Lao WuNvEr No introduction
(None) Tuo YiNan No introduction
(None) Xi JuSheSheZhang No introduction
Zhang Zhiyuan Mo XiGanNan No introduction
(None) Li GongNan No introduction
(None) Ai PangNan No introduction
(None) Dan JingMo No introduction
(None) Shi Qian No introduction
(None) 928 Dormitory Men No introduction
(None) Zhang MiaoMiao No introduction
(None) Yan JingNan No introduction
(None) Su SheNan No introduction
(None) Pang NvSheng No introduction
(None) Health Bureau staff No introduction
(None) Jing ChaA No introduction
(None) Fang LaoShuJia No introduction
(None) Fang LaoShuYi No introduction
(None) Jian KaoLaoShi No introduction
(None) Dian MingLaoShi No introduction
(None) Hang MoLaoShi No introduction
(None) Jian MeiCaoLaoShi No introduction
(None) Xiao Zhang No introduction
(None) Hua HuaTongXue No introduction
Rubiko Ji Zhe No introduction
(None) Pei XunDaoShi No introduction
(None) Gong DiGongTou No introduction
(None) Gao ShengNan No introduction
(None) Sun MiaoXue No introduction
Lan Qin Tu ShuGuanNvShen No introduction

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