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Bitter cauliflower (TV)[2004]

Feature: Cold coagulation of the earth, bitter herbs bloom more gorgeous, bloody, stronger mother's chest. Secret agents of the despicable, Japanese invaders brutal, Ming stab stunned enemies, I have an enemy, pull the gun meet. Wang deep house compound wives flocks. Three Master Wang JianZhi returned from Beijing University and found his wife adultery with Wang Zhangsuo, a former resident of Cheung Kong, and a illegitimate daughter, Xing Li. Wang bite the bullet, default "adulterer adulteress" in their long-standing existence of eyelids. Wang's ambassadors' mothers actively participated in the anti-Japanese struggle in the village. Became a revolutionary mother, made her know how to deal with brutal enemies, and only took the gun to fight the truth. Juan Zi, the daughter of Mother, fell in love with young and promising county party secretary Jiang YongQuan, but was competed by Zhao XingMei, the woman-in-law president. The culprits of the heroic arsenal were actually Juan Zi's elder brother, while "rival" Zhao XingMei actually Juan Zi's sister-in-law! Shu Hua was brutally gang-raped by Japanese devils and was rescued as a primary school teacher. She became friends with Xing Li, the daughter of school principal Wang Jian-Chi. Xing Li inadvertently enter the Royal Road, sleepwalking like the nearest person who is in the basement to the Japanese secret report. He cruelly murdered Xing Li. After the arrest of this unusually criminal agent, his top boss was offered - a weak woman often sympathetic to her. Originally, her real name was Kawashima Hanako.

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