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Ayunga Filmography(4)


Spirit (TV)[2016]

Feature: Ordinary juvenile Mo Ming lost his father since childhood, was mothers raised and grew up hard, he always hopes in his own way to guard the people they care about. In an accident, Mo Ming was unfortunately involved in the struggle between the Tianyuang and Jiuqing two groups of Imperial Master and discovered the existence of "spirit" - he could not think of those weapons that look like antiques, even Can be turned into a beautiful girl, but also able to fight. And has been with their own friendship is not shallow and like-minded beautiful girl, even have an unknown identity. In the face of the ensuing heavy danger, Mo Ming signed a contract with Yan Qiang Zhongli, one of the gods of the Seven Wonders, but it seems that the troubles did not diminish: mothers and their brotherly friends became more and more misunderstood, The invitation of Jiqing to Yan QiangZhongLi, and the mystery of his father's disappearance, Mo Ming seems to have fallen into a bottomless net, struggling or struggling. In the face of all this, How to choose.

SiQinHangRu (Movie)[2009]

Feature: this is a true story. The hero of the story, Siqin Hangru, was the 32nd generation of Genghis Khan and was born in the West Palace in the 1930s. According to traditional practices, Siqinhangru although expensive for the princess, but can not study with boys. Smart Siqinhangru always hiding in the study to eavesdrop on Mr. lectures, and the maid's children Mengk brought a deep friendship. The changing situation at that time, turmoil in the world. One day, the bandits attacked the palace in a sudden manner and killed Sihanoukville's father. As the family fell, Meng Ke and his mother left the palace. Hurried away in time, Siqin Hang Ru became beautiful girl, she and the Monk as a monk came across as chance encounter, the two people at first sight. In order to love, Monk left the monastery and returned home. During the time war, in order to achieve the goal of conquering the Mongol nation, the invaders attempted to control Genghis Khan in their own hands. In order to defend the Lord's mausoleum, Meng Ke and Siqin Hangru reluctantly leave, escort Genghis Khan Ling West move. Shortly afterward, the harchmann, who gave him to Munch, was back, with a shirt on his horse, a verse written in blood, "the night without the moon, illuminated by the soul; the place without the ink, Blood to pass on ... ... "Meng Ke can no longer return to Siqin Hangru's side. Under the auspices of his uncle, Siqirhangru heart to marry the older Baoji Qin. Because of Siqin Hang Ru's special life experience, in the sixties of last century, she was criticized and labor reform. When forced to reclaim the Wengen Heights where her father and ancestors were buried, the strong Sihanoussou ruined and she was mad. Under the warmth of her husband and children's affection, in a snowy winter, Siqinhangru woke up. In 2008, Genghis Khan Ling grand ceremony. Eighty-five-year-old Siqin Ru Ru own story, tell the children to listen. This vicious Mongolian woman still smiles brightly.

Eagle Shooting Heroes (TV)[2003]

Feature: "Eagle Shooting Heroes" tells the story of the early Southern Song Dynasty, Qizu ChuJi all true heroes met two loyal and good after Yang TieXin and Guo XiaoTian, ​​both insiders are pregnant, Qiu ChuJi for the unborn child named Yang Kang And Guo Jing, in honor of "change of Jingkang". Unexpectedly, Qiu ChuJi recruited two people for killing. Guo XiaoTian was killed, Yang TieXin was seriously wounded and his wife Bao XiRuo was abducted. As an adult, Yang Kang grew up in the Golden House and recognized Wan YanHongLie as a talented father. Guo Jing, however, remained in the desert and was raised by his mother, Li Ping. Despite the stupid nature, he was greatly taught by Jiangnan Sixth People and appreciated by Temujin and assigned to his daughter Hua Zheng. However, when Ging and Master went to the south of the Yangtze for the whereabouts of the Yang TieXin, he encountered Huang Rong, the daughter of Huang Yao Shi, an east evil. They both grew up with the passing of time. At that moment, Yang TieXin also appeared with Mu Yi-nian Ci In the rivers and lakes, Mu NianCi and Yang Kang fall in love at first sight, but Yang Kang gradually approaches evil ways. On the way to Guo Jing and Huang Rong, they have seen all kinds of strange and righteous people in the martial arts. Beiqi Hong QiGong, Xi Yang OuyangFeng, Ou YangKe and Mei ChaoFeng have appeared one after another. After experiencing suffering, Guo Jing has finally become a magician, a generation of heroes & nbsp ;.

Heidao (Movie)[1989]

Feature: Since then, Li Xiao's actions have gradually gained the trust of "wheat milk," the two became friends. "Wheat Milk" promised to help introduce Li Xiao to his boss. To further understand the power of Li Xiao, "Myrrh" and Li Xiao from individual hotels suddenly left Wang Qiong's car, and the culprits closely monitored Li Xiao. Bathing beach, the ostrich privately hand out the embassy supplies, public security officers to follow, Li Xiao decisively help the ostrich get away, get the appreciation of the old railway. The manager of the Atlantic Trading Company issued a secret instruction to the woman secretary. Mid-Autumn Festival, the bandits in the cave carnival, "wheat milk essence" to guide Li Xiao came to the bandits, immediately besieged. Li Xiao battled with the culprits, and the culprits rushed to the end stunned, loaded into bags and thrown into the mountain. Hei ZhiHu Feng instructions above, decided to eradicate the thief "wheat milk essence." On a dark night, Hei ZhiHu deceived him onto the train in the name of "malt extract". In the meantime, Li Xiao came to Shi SanMei's home on the instructions of "Myrrh," saying she was going to be killed, riding on Shi SanMei's motorcycle. Motorcycle approaching Tieqiao, Li Xiao jumped onto the truck. The culprits snatched their self-employed cars and jumped onto 1617 trucks, ordered them to find the Atlantic Trading Company's drugs in the refrigerator, then decoupled the train and wanted to get rid of Li Xiao. With the cooperation of the Railway Bureau, the company department sends a diesel locomotive to pursue. Hei Zhihu and the old railway killed the truck driver and drove forward. Li Xiao, sitting on a diesel locomotive, jumped onto the truck and waged a life-and-death fight with the culprits, culprits surrendered. Once again, Li Xiao came to the Atlantic Trading Company and saw that the offender was still at large and meditated.

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