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Chin Tsai Filmography(3)


LiMingZhiQian (Movie)[1997]

Feature: The mother and daughter meet again after the big fight, and the moment when the whole family is together becomes extremely embarrassed. During the conversation, it was discovered that both mother and daughter fell in love with the same man. What the film is expressing is a state, a predicament that can not be solved in its lifetime and is repeated again after suicide. The film has Tsai Chin, Wang Bosen, Fan Rui Jun brilliant performances.

TaipeiStory (Movie)[1985]

Feature: A Long (Hou Hsiao-hsien ornaments), a youth baseball team born in the cloth shop owner, he and Azhen is a childhood sweetheart. Tsai Chin (singer), a senior assistant employee in an enterprise, always wanted to marry immigrants to the United States as soon as possible to change her present life and aspire to a bright future. A Long is happy to help others, like Wu Nien-jen, a few friends who drive a taxi. He has a strong nostalgia, often watching the baseball stadium. Faced with the vicious circle around the community, A Long and Azhen deal with different groups of people, each inevitably getting farther and fissure. Later, A Long was stabbed by a young man who admired Azhen, sitting alone on the side of the road waiting. Gradually unconscious, he seems to re-see the memory of the game to participate in fewer battles.

TheLastNightofMadamChin (Movie)[1984]

Feature: "The Last Night of the Golden Taipan" is adapted from the novel of the same name by the writer Bai Xianyong. Described in the 1930s to the 1950s, from Shanghai "Paramount" to Taipei "Night Paris" a romantic story. It tells the story of an elegant girl dance class and the "Paramount" four beautiful feast legend and sadness cause. This is a singing and dancing, red and green, Zhu Yan and white hair, Xiang Hong and Li shadow, suit and cheongsam, money and love, desolate and gorgeous interwoven drunk dream life.

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