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Chien Tsao

Chien Tsao


  • Male
  • Virgo
  • 1922-09-08
  • Beijing China
Cao Jian, whose real name is Cao Zhi-fan, was born on September 8, 1922 in Beijing. Because at home ranking sixth, the film and television industry known as "Cao Sixe"; in the secondary period obsessed with drama, after entering high school, with the alumni group drama club, in 1942, joined the "movie star theater" to become a career The actor, who plays the corner of Liu Bowen in "The Great Biography of Heroes of Ming Dynasty," further strengthened her determination to be an actor for her lifelong career in the future. In 1944 victory over the war, then join the military, joined the young army twenty-eight division captain, in 1948 met in the army, Ms. Qian Lu, saw the same, with mixed feelings. At the beginning of 1949, the troops stationed in Ningbo. Because of former friends recruited, they joined the First Corps of Fire Corps of the Armored Corps and came to Taiwan with the army. At the age of 28, they were the members of the Corps of Central China. They performed "Zheng Chenggong" Invited to join the corps theater third team. In 1957 starring the first movie "Nuwa Lake." Since the establishment of Taiwan Television Company, he has become the first television drama actor in Taiwan. Since then, there have been many films, television and amphibious films, and over 170 movies have been filmed over the years. He also served as Taipei City actor union director and performing arts director. Cao Jian was married to his wife and was deeply married. The World Peace Women's Awards 2001 was presented as the "Model Wedding Golden Wedding Award" and was the first compliment to the couple in the domestic theater industry. On the 10th of August 2002, Cao Jian died of cerebral hemorrhage , At the age of 81.

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