The Last Nightof Madam Chin(Movie)[1984]
《The Last Nightof Madam Chin》(Movie)[1984]

《The Last Nightof Madam Chin》Cast

Jin ZhaoLi Wai Yiu Play)

Wai Yiu

Yiu Wai, also known as Kelly Yao Wei, is a Hong Kong actress. She had a relationship with Cecil Chao. Their daughter is Gigi Chao.

Qin Xiong Mu Szu cheng Play)

Mu Szu cheng

Chiang Kao, an overseas Chinese in South Korea, a film and television actress. In 1981, she was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor of the 18th Golden Horse Awards for "Famous Swordsmanship" and starred in "Famous Swordsman", "Assassin's Rush", Captain Hong, Township, Chen Yixing teacher, wait for grass into the 100 drama, representative as "love". Murphy movie company founder, producer: Falcon, Wolf Street, the second death penalty, the Kanto Sun, black butterflies, and so on. Once bought and sold Hong Kong films to South Korea, such as Chow Yun-fat, "the true character of the hero," Wong Kar-wai "Ashes" many in South Korea caused a wave of action movies. Now living in Chiang Kao, Taiwan, there is a pair of children who are studying at the Wagang School of the Arts.

Sheng YueRu Lung Ouyang Play)

Lung Ouyang

Long Ou-yang, born November 12, 1960, Taiwanese politician and actress. In the 1980s, he was an actor in a Chinese television company in Taiwan and was also a producer of television stations such as Sanli Metropolitan Taiwan Affairs Board, MTV, Sanli and Wei Lai. Representative works: "police flower edge", "Fenghua generation."

Tong DeHuai Ping-Ao Wei Play)

Ping-Ao Wei

Paul Wei Ping-ao (1929.11.29-1989.12.3), male, Hong Kong actor, known as "film talent." Graduated from Nanjing Academy of Drama early years, in 1949 to join China Film began acting career. That year because of "Alishan situation" a film into the film. Later appeared in many Hong Kong and Taiwan movies, the most well-known is the "Fist of Fury" as the Japanese translation. In the film, he is good at interpreting small characters, clown or comic comic figures, known as Taiwan's comedy one. He also has a world of writing and commentary. From 1951 onwards, he wrote anecdotes about contemporary social and cinema circles in newspapers such as China Daily, China Daily, Today's Film, etc, some of which were recorded in the book titled "The Mirror of Art Altar" and the book entitled "Three Only tigress "," door to see people "and other books.

More The Last Nightof Madam Chin Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Shenhai Rong Ren DaiDai No introduction
Chin Tsai Ge Nv No introduction
Chien Tsao Chen JingLi No introduction
Lu Chien Jin DaBanMu No introduction
Shu-yuan Hsu Wu NvZhuFeng No introduction
Su Wei Sheng YueRuFu No introduction
(None) Mu Lao No introduction
Ying Kiu Chow Xiao HongMei No introduction
Shuyi Qiu Lin MeiMei No introduction
(None) Wu XiKui No introduction

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